1. NA+NB Parts Steering Wheel Galore! Quick Release, Hub, Adapter, Horn Button, Shift Knob, Etc Etc!

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    PLEASE CHECK BACK FROM TIME TO TIME! I WILL CONSTANTLY UPDATE THIS THREAD. 3/15 - added more steering wheels. 3/16 - added more shift knobs. 3/20 - added more steering wheels. 3/26 - added more quick releases, tilt, lock. 3/27 - added more steering wheels and horn buttons. 3/28 - added more...
  2. revlimiter Horn Buttons
    revlimiter Horn Buttons Highest quality Italian horn buttons with custom domed badges. Insert is the same as the badges - composed of cut vinyl and solar-cell quality polyurethane epoxy. Fits every steering wheel I've tested - Momo, Nardi (with horn retainer ring), and Sparco. Horn can ground...
  3. Modified my horn using the stock alarm

    Roadster Projects
    I'm sure that all of you know that the NA and probably NB stock horns are terrible. Let's admit it, they are embarrassing to use. In my car at least, the alarm is mounted in the engine bay directly in front of the passenger. Maybe before I got the car someone disconnected something, but the only...