1. Keep burning up ignition coils on my 96

    Audio & Electronics
    Hi Guys, So I have some big issue with my car that I can't seem to figure out. My ignition coil went out and burned out after being replaced after 55 miles. I got it replaced assuming that I may have gotten a bad unit (Standard motor products) and got a replacement, brand new, same part. I...
  2. MCarp's shocking neon coil project

    DIY and How-To Writeups
    After seeing ISC racing's kit to use the chrysler app MSD coils for the 1.6, I decided that i'd finally have a use for that coil i had in a box of neon stuff leftover from my neon days. From what I understand, the miata coil is 26kv and the neon coil is something like 32-36kv, so there's an...