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  1. Exhaust blow!!

    Hi guys My exhaust keeps blowing and I’m just chasing it up and down the pipes. It went at the join between the downpipe and the cat, then when I sorted it it went between the header and the downpipe, and back and forth several times. Im just chasing the leak. Any ideas? Any heavy duty...
  2. Engine buzz/rattle under acceleration

    Engine & Transmission
    Ive been getting a weird rattling noise at low rpm/high load when accelerating for just a second or two. It sounds lighter and faster than lifter tick. I've had that too, so I'm familiar with the sound. The weird thing is that it only happens for the first 2 or 3 times I take off after starting...
  3. THE Official Gerbil House Thread (Sponsored by GHASP)

    Pub Roadster
    Post 'em up! I'm looking at a winter project and looking for a foil roof. This is THE place to post up your Richard Gere or other gerbil affections.
  4. UVS100 Custom Fold Up Sun Screen from Moss

    Product Reviews
    You're an idiot if you don't already own this. For the last few days I've been vacillating on what to even say about this product. The above sentence has been a constant. Because you're an idiot if you don't already own this product. Unless you happen to live somewhere that has prohibited...
  5. Politics and Such Discussion Thread

    Pub Roadster
    This is the place to do it. I am NOT creating this thread to keep everything that could be possibly related to politics by three degrees of separation out of Random Thoughts, but as a place to get in depth. This is where you post about things if you want to get farther than "Oh man isn't this...
  6. Introduction from Pulstar Spark Plugs!

    Pulstar Spark Plugs
    Hello everyone, My name is Mitch and I’d like to re-introduce Pulstar Spark Plugs to your forum. I understand that we’re not a new face around here, but due to a recent company revision I’ll be taking over as the new forum representative on your message boards. As a current site sponsor, I...
  7. New GT has me torn on Miata

    Non-Roadster Projects
    So I went down to the ford dealer last weekend and decided I wanted to take a new 2015 mustang GT for a test drive. The results were as expected. A 435hp IRS mustang with the 6 speed just feels right. Talked to the salesman and three days later my orange 6speed base GT showed up for me to...
  8. Hot Wheels/Die-cast Thread

    Pub Roadster
    Given the interest that some of the members on here have, I figured this thread should exist. This thread is for the discussion of customizing, collecting, and owning Hot Wheels and the like. Weak opening post, but today I stopped by Toys R Us, Target, and K Mart and got deez: Untitled by...
  9. Garage Star Delrin Door Bushing Review

    Product Reviews
    I was part of the group buy for these door bushings and I received them today. First impressions with loosely fitting them to the door cups by hand is that they are a perfect fit on the cups. So I removed the original ones and swapped these in. They were installed initially loosely with the door...
  10. How I modified my Miata

    Roadster Projects
    Decided to finally start a modification thread on here. I don't post this stuff many places but since I am now here quite a bit I figured why not share? I came about my gearhead status a little later than some do. Not quite sure what caused it. I did help my dad work on cars when I was...
  11. Major Hater: Determining the Best Fast:Butthurt Ratio

    Roadster Projects
    I bought another one. It shall be known as Major Hater. Meet Major Hater, he is a 2000 Special Edition with 97k miles. Purchased for the princely sum of $2300, he will be thrashed within an inch of his life every second he will be driven. Top is super nice. Body is perfect.
  12. AArrow's Full Circle Build Thread (My real name is Ly) (it's pronounced Lee) (but the ladies call me Ocean)

    Roadster Projects
    Real name is Hai. It means ocean in Vietnamese. That or #2. I much prefer girls to call me their ocean instead of their number two. Anyways.... I'm back in a Miata! I owned a 2004 MSM for almost a decade. Loved that thing to pieces. Drove it over 100K miles then it was "stolen." Basically got...
  13. IE Meet v4.0 (New location for 2014)

    I created another thread because the forum will not allow me to edit the first post anymore. Summer is offically back in effect, and we need a Miata meet!!! Official IE Meet thread!!!!! Serving areas around the 951 (Corona, San Bernardino, Rancho, Chino, Diamond Bar, Montclair, Upland...
  14. AArrow's Random things he takes pictures of while at work

    Pub Roadster
    I work at a speed shop. Lots of interesting characters and cool ass cars come through. If you're bored look at my pictures. If you have something funny or worth sharing happen at your workplace, post those pics here.
  15. James' Thrifty Nickel build thread

    Roadster Projects
    I'm starting this thread to keep track of the changes my car experiences. Nothing major planned but we all know how that goes. Mild drop. Wheels. Lip. Some interior bits. The usual. Here goes... I decided that I wanted a car to wrench on from time-to-time. My old S-10 was a fun vehicle and I...
  16. Because Race Car: autox build

    Roadster Projects
    '99 STR autocross build Finially picked up my miata last month ('99 base, power windows thats about it) It needed a little work to be race ready but as It sits it's pretty nice. Got a check engine light so I need to fix that first, then replace the bushings on the passenger front shock. Then...
  17. Official NorCal Rambling Thread

    SoCal has one. Why shouldn't we?? I'll start off... I saw a White NB driving up Harder Road at CSUEB this morning. He had a CR sticker on his roll bar. Also saw a Red NA parked in a church parking lot next to campus. Looked pretty dope. If you guys see this, hit me up!