1. NA Parts 295cc Injectors, 1.6 Ford Capri VC, Luggage Rack, GV Lip

    For Sale or Trade
    Selling some supra injectors I have laying around. Seem to be in working order, but I have not tested them, so they are as-is. I'd recommend replacing the lower o-rings (~$3) other than that they should be good to go. $30 shipped The far right injector seems to have a different lower o-ring...
  2. Swapping 1.8 but injectors are bad

    Engine Swaps!
    I just figured out that my 1.8 injectors are not working and and was wondering if its possible to use my injectors from my 1.6?
  3. Mazdaspeed mx5 Denso 321cc 23250-74050 injector info

    Forced Induction
    Mazdaspeed mx5 Denso 321cc 23250-74050 injector info I have been tracking these Denzo 23250-74050 injectors down & I am pretty sure now that they come from a 88-89 Toyota Celica GTS Sport L4 2.0L 3sgelc. I purchased my injectors from & they got them from GB Remanufacturing. I...
  4. FS: RC Engineering 650cc injectors $180 shipped

    For Sale or Trade
    Looking for a quick sell for my 4 barely used RC 650cc Low resistance injectors, Part# PB8x-650 that has been modified to flow 650cc/min at 43.5 psi @ 3 bar injectors for $180 shipped. Turns out I don't need it to use with my GT2560R turbo. I don't think you can get almost new RC 650cc injectors...