1. DIY Hakuna 8" subwoofer panel?

    Audio & Electronics
    I'm really interested in doing a Hukuna-style subwoofer install in my 93. I know clearwater used to offer a panel, and carbon miata now offers a panel, but both only fit 6.5 in speakers. I lean towards getting a panel over just cutting holes in the existing metal because the panel seems to point...
  2. newbie in kansas city

    New Member Introductions
    hey guys just got my first miata it is a 1999 nb, red with 68,000 original miles. i have a few questions if i could get some help i would greatly appreciate it. First off the oem top has two larges holes in it, i plan on replacing it, but i am not sure what brand, or where i should order the...
  3. Help installing double din in NB

    Audio & Electronics
    Hey guys, I have a 2001 non bose and a Pyle double din that I'm trying to install. So far I have a pigtail that goes from the cars harness and I'm ordering one to connect to the radio for a clean reversible upgrade. I've been searching all through and cr to find some information on what...
  4. 2001 SE Fog Light pigtail??

    Audio & Electronics
    I installed my fog lights tonight but my wiring harness near the fog lights seems too short by about 5 inches. Is there a small 5-6 inch wiring pigtail that the previous owner may have removed? I've been searching for an answer but there is no mention of one (pigtail) in the 20+ fog light posts...
  5. Mazdaspeed mx5 turbo compressor oil seal failure

    Forced Induction
    Mazdaspeed mx5 turbo compressor oil seal failure so I have to replace my turbo. Im going to take a lot of pictures. Im going to take off my intercooler to clean the oil out & also part of the intake manifold. Im going to buy a electrical impact wrench. My car has been sitting for about a month...