1. Mariner Blue matching parts search

    Hello, I just bought my first car, a 1992 Mariner Blue Miata. Strip model and bone stock. I really want everything either to be black or blue and I am really wishing to change some of the paneling and things due to wear. Does anybody else with Mariner cars have some parts that are quality and...
  2. jass.performance Popup & Hazard Vintage style toggle switches

    Popup & Hazard vintage style toggle switches Stainless vintage style panel with toggle switches for the hazard switch and retractable headlights lock switch. Three finishes are available: Mirror polished stainless steel Brushed stainless steel Black The panel is exact fit and comes with OEM...
  3. tan interior for black one NA

    im guessing this should go in for sale or trade but it wouldnt let me post in that section yet for some reason so im throwin it here. Anyone in so cal interested in trading their black interior for my tan interior? only thing different is that the door panels are black in mine, driver seat is a...
  4. A question for the Miata drivers in STR class SCCA racing?

    Hey guys, somewhat new here. I have a question for any of you who drive your Miatas in (SCCA) STR class. I need a decent race seat that'll fir in this tiny ass car while still weighing at least 21 pounds with the rails (Im not sure if this is the exact weight cause i dont have the rule book next...
  5. NA diy low cost vent rings

    DIY and How-To Writeups
    toombstone with no eyeball vents to start with go to wallmart and buy some mason jars i got some to store bolts and nuts take off the cap the lid splits into 2 it almost fits perfectly, but you must get some pliers and bend some of the edge, check constantly so you know when it fits snug...

    PLEASE looking for NA dash good condition, pm os just post it thank you
  7. Ipad or Tablet installed?

    Has anyone done or have pics of either a ipad or a tablet installed in their miata??? im planning on doing this myself and was curious of how it went.
  8. Keeping the inside cool on a hot day?

    Hey everyone, I have a brand new A/C system and It gives off 40 degree air and a good flow... but my Hard dog roll bar radiates heat right beside my head. I also have a hardtop but the glass is broken and i'm running black soft top. With 100 degree temps outside, is there a way to keep the...
  9. Project-G New Product - Shift Boots

    New Product: Project-G Shift Boots We were growing tired of running our busted vinyl oem shift boots and had always wished for real leather. Our G-String guy made us a few samples and we were really impressed. We weren't surprised since we had specifically chosen him for the quality he...
  10. Power Inverter Discussion

    I've been thinking about putting a power inverter in my car for a couple of weeks now. So my questions are as follows: 1.What types have you had success with? - I plan to be able to run a laptop as well as charge a phone simultaneously. 2. Does anyone have a creative place to hide/place/house...
  11. NA Parts FS: Miata driver low-position seat rail

    For Sale or Trade
    Brand new unopened other than to take the photographs. NA Miata driver side seat rail. For side mount bucket seat application only. Good for you tall persons XD Reason for sale, change of plans. Going to put the bucket on another car. Location: Toronto Canada (pickup welcome) Price SOLD obo...
  12. Dash Pod WANT ONE

    i think these gauge pods need to be reproduced, they were made so nice and they looked allmost stock....i talked to the guy at east coast miata and he said some british guy made them and now is not made anymore, that is the 4th time ive seen them. if my pic does not show look at the car at east...
  13. Lotus Elise Seats in Great Condition

    For Sale or Trade
    These seats have 9,000 miles on them and are in great condition. I originally purchased them for my miata, but need the cash. It looks like there's a spot on the passenger side, but there isn't. I believe it was lint or something on the lens. $500 obo, local pickup at Infineon Raceway. You...