1. NA Parts Ae101 itbs 1.6/ hks super header

    For Sale or Trade
    My engine died :suicide: going to swap 1.8 and turbo so selling my current setup for the 1.6. EDIT: EVERYTHING INCLUDED IN KIT all you need is an ecu As requested: in kit- (velocity stacks, Ae101 itbs, techno toy adapter, vacuum lines, vacumm block, obx Fuel rail, iat sensor,) perfer pickup...
  2. Eunos Roadster V-Spec Maruha 2.1L BUDDY's Build

    Roadster Projects
    So after a not so-responsive thread I decided I should start another one in the correct section of CR. If interested you guys can have a quick look on my previous thread here: I have a 1992 Eunos...
  3. Install questions: Jenvey kit

    IRTB (Individual Runner Throttle Bodies)
    Hey guys, Just started my Jenvey itb install. Puzzled with one of the lines that normally bolts to the stock intake manifold. This line blocks the new manifold from going on, but Im not really sure what its for, how to relocate it or where it needs to be re-routed to. Any advice would be...
  4. 1996 Montego Blue Boat!!

    Roadster Projects
    Hi everybody!!i just want to share my build thread for my 1996 montego blue miata that i just picked up for about a month,Some picture of the aka Boat! After the purchase of the car,i change the engine oil,using mobil high mileage 5w30 oil,change the spark plug(Denso) Some toys i picked...
  5. Winkyl's 1990 B6 1.7L ITB Miata Build **Updated May 12, 2009**

    Roadster Projects
    Winkyl's 1990 B6 1.7L IrTB Miata Build **Updated June 30, 2009** As [email protected] mention at the end of Ken's VVT in his 97 NA thread, I'll be the next one to entertain you guys on this build. Let me try to sum up what's on the main dish: Maruha ITB Maruha (Mahle) 80.5mm bore, 1700 piston...