1. 96-97 JDM Tombstone

    Roadster Wanted To Buy
    Like the title says, I'm looking to buy the true double-done tombstone from the 96-97 Eunos (note the 'lip" inside the radio opening). I have a very clean 90-93 JDM tombstone with radio trim I can trade if anyone is in need (identical to the USDM version). I know MiataRoadster sells them, but at...
  2. Hi from Manchester, UK - JDM NB RS

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I'm already on a few other forums, mainly UK ones since that's where I live but I saw this one mentioned on the TopMiata Instagram feed and thought I'd best join up! I drive a 1998 Japanese import NB, which is the RS version (lighter flywheel, higher revving, 6 speed, Bilsteins and all...
  3. NA+NB Parts Vintage JDM Seats You've Always Loved and Wanted...

    For Sale or Trade
    Hi Guys, Here for sale a pair of seats that i recently bought in Japan. I don't know who is the manufacturer, but i can confirm that they are really well made. I bought them as new and i put them in my miata only for a couple of hours. Unfortunately they are too small for me. (I'm 185cm tall and...
  4. 1995 "old man special" to fun mobie build thread

    Roadster Projects
    Well, where do I even start. I was a lexus Guy for a long time and bought another Lexus in a rush which turned out to have a rolled back odometer. I wanted to sell the car and I decided I wanted a miata. I saw a miata for trade on craiglist and went for it. I told them about the Issues with the...
  5. NA+NB Parts OPTION DVD's for sale~Drifting/Racing~JDM

    For Sale or Trade
    Selling some of my duplicate Option dvds. Watch them on your pc or get a region 2/free dvd player for cheap. Contains drifting and various racing events. Miatas do make appearances in these dvds. (miata-related) 5 DVDs remaining: Vol:126, 135, 137, 138, 169 ~40 dvd's for sale (5...
  6. NA+NB Parts FS: Work Eqiup 01 15x7 +38 +35 socal

    For Sale or Trade
    REAL jdm Work Equip 01 fronts 15x7 +38 A-Disk rears 15x7 +35 O-Disk 4 x center caps NO VALVES mint condition fresh refinished faces new hardware FS $1500 OBO NOSHIPPING SOCAL
  7. Roadsters FTW!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys! I'm Ken. I've recently moved to LA from Malaysia. I've always been fascinated with cars from an early age and when I moved to LA, I had the opportunity to buy my first car. I've always been into tuners. Initially I wanted the S2000 but eventually a window opened when I met someone who...
  8. Eunos Roadster V-Spec Maruha 2.1L BUDDY's Build

    Roadster Projects
    So after a not so-responsive thread I decided I should start another one in the correct section of CR. If interested you guys can have a quick look on my previous thread here: I have a 1992 Eunos...
  9. NB Parts 2001 JDM MazdaSpeed Wing Red.

    For Sale or Trade
    Hello gang, I have decided it is time to let my uber rare 2001 JDM MS Roadster wing go. I searched long and hard to find this wing back when I had my Miata. IT looked awesome on my silver "Big Gulp", But she is long gone to another home. So, time to recoup a little bit of my cash I have in...
  10. Official Yahoo Auction finds

    General Automotive Chat
    So I just realized, we don't have a thread dedicated to awesome finds on Yahoo auctions. For those of you that do not know, Yahoo Auctions Japan is basically Ebay in Japan. Many times very cool and rare parts pop up on the site for sale. There are also vendors that...
  11. NB Parts hid kits

    For Sale or Trade
    Pay attention to me!!!
  12. DamnJDM & Elstars meeting 12.02.2011 [Holland]

    Dear European Roadster fanatics! This way i'd like to invite you all to our meeting we wil be helding at 12.02.2011 in the city of Breda (NAC Football stadium), The Netherlands. And since (in my opinion) Europe still deserves more roadster-love you're all invited to join us! Below you will find...
  13. Eunos Center Caps

    How much is my car/stuff worth?
    Here they are, not in perfect condition. Some of the paint is coming off and there are scratches. Not terrible but not mint either. I've never seen these on any car in the US but my own. Its a great subtle touch if you're using the stock Miata wheels. I bought these on eBay a while ago and...