1. Koni str.t issues

    I just got a set of Koni str.t dampers and three of them when I push down the rod it rises back up, but the fourth rises about a half inch then it stops. I called Koni and they told me that it's either there is something causing friction or the gas isn't staying compressed, the later would mean...
  2. Help me identifying this Koni coilover set.

    Hello all, Since today I finally found out that I have a koni coilover set under mine MX5. This is the set, (took picks from mx5cartalk) Now I was wondering what series are those? What spanner wrench I need to get to change the height. Thanks in advance
  3. How high do racelands go?

    Simple question: Who has raised their racelands all the way up and taken photos or measured height? Reason I'm asking: I live in Minnesota, land of ice and snow, and my miata is my winter car. Right now I'm at about 13" F/13.5" R hub-to-fender on stock suspension poop, and I could stand being...
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