1. Converting back to NA questions

    Engine & Transmission
    So, apon some m45 supercharger noise i pulled the sc. Having more problems than i thought (cant get the inlet manifold off) (blades look scored). So i would love for the time being to run the car na. Does anybody have any experience with this? I can just put the throttle body back to the orignal...
  2. HELP! What is this sound?

    Engine & Transmission
    started making this sound, its coming from the supercharger not the engine. Im thinkning its a bearing or something but is there anyone who has experienced this? Its an m45 jackson racing supercharger with stock pulley.
  3. jrsc m45 questions on 1.6

    Forced Induction
    Got a cheap kit recently and had some questions. Been searching but can't find some answers. Want to keep prices low so any ideas. 1. Idler pully- The kit comes with just the bracket but no idler bearings. Anyone try the timing belt idler bearings? Another route would to get upgraded...