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  1. For Sale or Trade
    Selling an OEM Hardtop, fits NA and NB models, glass with rear defroster, Classic Red with some blemishes, inside is mint, side and top latches: SOLD Turbo manifold, fits 1.6 motors, T3/T4, Tial 38mm wastegate included, surface rust and one bolt needs to be removed from the flange. - $300...
  2. Roadster Wanted To Buy
    Looking for a turbo manifold for my 1.6 that will let me keep my PS. It can be any style, any brand. I'm not too picky.
  3. IRTB (Individual Runner Throttle Bodies)
    Hey guys, Just started my Jenvey itb install. Puzzled with one of the lines that normally bolts to the stock intake manifold. This line blocks the new manifold from going on, but Im not really sure what its for, how to relocate it or where it needs to be re-routed to. Any advice would be...
  4. For Sale or Trade
    Name: Chris Location: Norfolk, Va. Means of contact: PM or text 570-660-6602 Price: $200 plus actual shipping charges. Description: I have the original exhaust manifold that came on my 2003, I took it off during the motor swap and put on a raceland header. The car had 80k on the clock when...
  5. Roadster Wanted To Buy
    Looking for an OEM exhaust manifold in good condition (ie. no cracks) for a NA6 1.6 liter 5spd. May also consider an aftermarket one as well. Let me know what you have. Local to the Los Angeles area.
  6. For Sale or Trade
    For sale is one stock 2000 Cal-spec exhaust manifold with built in catalytic converter. Selling because I decided to put headers on my 2000 Miata since I don't have smog testing here in central VA. This part has only 25k miles on it, as it was a warranty replacement of the original which went...
  7. For Sale or Trade
    Where: Norfolk, Va How Much: $170 +actual shipping Contact: PM preferred I just got a motor to swap into my 2003 miata and now have 2 exhaust manifolds that I won't be using. This sale is for the one that came on a 2003 Miata with 22k miles. Perfect upgrade for younger miata that don't want to...
1-7 of 7 Results