1. my (soon to be) NAsty drift build

    Roadster Projects
    So one of my friends decided he needed to get rid of his 1990 miata and long story short, I got it for a steal. It's in somewhat rough condition but only has 139k miles and with a little love, will be better than ever! heres a quick picture I snapped in the parking lot (more to come tomorrow)...
  2. Corey's NB Journal - グランド ロードスター

    Roadster Projects
    Hi guys, my name is Corey ]. When I was on the search for my real first car, I didn’t have any intention on getting a 2 seater roadster to drop the roof down on a Sunday and cruise through the countryside (although it is fun, it’s really not my thing) instead I was looking for a car with a...
  3. Minimum wage Miata

    Roadster Projects
    So just three days ago, I finally found a good looking deal on craigslist. A 1994 Mazda Miata "M edition" (The car is not actually an M edition although the owner seems to think it is) $1800 obo. It was a Sunday night, I had off the next day, so did my brother and my mom. So having nothing...
  4. Rumor says next Fiat will be based on MX Miata

    General Automotive Chat
    Will the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata-based Fiat be an Abarth, a Spyder or an Abarth Spyder? -
  5. NA Vehicle 1996 Brilliant Black

    For Sale or Trade
    Decided to try something different out this upcoming winter. Located in North San Diego County Details of car and more pictures are here: A pic: I do have a car fax available if you're interested! Asking $6000
  6. MossMiata will be at ND Unveiling! Watch live on YouTube

    Moss Miata
    I thrilled to announce that I've been invited to attend Mazda's huge event unveiling the 4th generation Miata MX-5 tomorrow, Wednesday Sept 3! I'll post pictures and videos to our Facebook page, so please "LIKE" and "follow" us so we appear in your Newsfeed. Also Mazda will be streaming the...
  7. The long road from a "stanced" NA to a Track Car.

    Roadster Projects
    Recently I picked up a 1990 Mazda Miata 1.6l. It is currently stanced... But over the next few years I hope to transform it into a streetable track car. Below are some shots of how it sits today. I will post updates as I complete all my planned projects. The first line of business will be to...
  8. New user from Houston

    New Member Introductions
    Hello fellow miata owners my names Ty and I'm new to this form...I drive an 90 NA I'm located in Houston tx
  9. 92' Red Complete Rebuild -- r3volt

    Roadster Projects
    92' Red NA IRTB High Comp 1.6 Build a.k.a --> r3volt (Updated) Hello, for starters my name is Katelynn or Kate. I have an extensive automotive background, I have worked with a vintage race shop(J and L Fabricating). I have track experience from friends/family with the SCCA sanctioning body. I...
  10. Miata pulling to the right.

    Ok so i am having a problem with my miata. Ive aligned it three times because it has been pulling to the right. It started doing it when i had it on the oem suspension a couple weeks back. And i installed the coilovers last week and it still pulls the exact same way. I put it on the alignment...
  11. Driver window rattle while driving.

    Ok so idk if it applies to this section but while i drive and i have the window half way down or 1/4 of the way down, it rattles a little. Is it that its coming loose or imwhat can it be. Be ause the passenger one makes no noise whatsoever.
  12. Weird clutch pedal feeling... Help me figure this out please.

    Engine & Transmission
    Ok so today when i started driving my car i noticed once again that the clutch pedal was feeling a little strange, when ever i went to accelerate the clutch would start engaging when im like half an inch off the floor with the pedal and the pedal also felt really soft. I noticed this twice...
  13. Prestige Roadsters

    General Automotive Chat
    ok maybe some of you have heard of this little miata page i started in instagram,,maybe some of you havent. Its just a little miata enthusiast page that ive had going on for the past month now. A page where people can just submit a photo and show off their roadster and enjoy others. And also any...
  14. INTRO - MX5 1995

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, im Alex, and have had my mx5 for about 3 years now, its a 1995 and has only done 58k, everything works great! Im looking to do some mods to it such as, Lowering (coilovers), adding rims, exhaust system, subwoofer ; FOR NOW. If anyone has anything of help regarding these things please...
  15. *IE MEET* Page 1 Post 1 for info on next meet

    *ie meet* pics posted from last meet!! Official IE Meet thread!!!!! Serving areas around the 951 (Corona, San Bernardino, Rancho, Chino, Diamond Bar, Montclair, Upland, Rancho, Fontana, Riverside, Yorba Linda) Next Meet Date: Sunday, January 13th, 2013 6:00PM Next Meet Location: Bob's...
  16. Headlamp conversion?

    ok so ive seen a couple miatas with a square headlamp conversion.and im kinda digging it.but do they sell an actual kit to replace the stock ones with a pair of square omes or would you have to get them from a different car and modify it to mount them on the miata? If so from what car? Thank you...
  17. Inland Empire Miatas Greet

    I'm From Moreno Valley, and from traveling a little bit I have seen so many miatas on the rode and was.wondering if any of them are on clubroadster. So if you are in the Inland Empire let everyone know who are and what you drive. Who knows maybe we will come across each other. To start off.. I...
  18. NA Vehicle 1992 Turbo Miata Street/Track Car Absolute Monster

    For Sale or Trade
    I bought the car from a local guy that had done the majority of the work but I ended up buying a second track ready miata that had a better rollbar (4pt), 6UL's, Race Seats/Harnesses, etc. and cherry picked off of that to get to what I have today. An absolute monster. Call me at 484.727.8776...
  19. Newby in Philly

    New Member Introductions
    I'm a longtime car lover and last fall decided to pick up a turbo miata after my stepdad and a few friends wouldn't shut up about them... I'm glad they didn't because the car has been a blast to own and drive. Prior to owning my Turbo Monster I owned an e39 M5 which I loved dearly but yearned...