1. Eunos Roadster (1.8)

    Roadster Projects
    Hi all, I'll try keep this brief and updated with lots of pictures, had the car since June 2017 and haven't driven it more than 200m, it went straight in the garage! It's an Eunos Roadster (1.8) Mazdaspeed B-Spec Stage II, previous owner had used it for drifting, it'd seen better days by the...
  2. NA+NB Parts Steering Wheel Galore! Quick Release, Hub, Adapter, Horn Button, Shift Knob, Etc Etc!

    For Sale or Trade
    DOWNSIZING MY PERSONAL COLLECTION. PLEASE CHECK BACK FROM TIME TO TIME! I WILL CONSTANTLY UPDATE THIS THREAD. 3/15 - added more steering wheels. 3/16 - added more shift knobs. 3/20 - added more steering wheels. 3/26 - added more quick releases, tilt, lock. 3/27 - added more steering wheels and...
  3. Mazdaspeed Wheels - Anyone recognise these?

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    Better pictures
  4. Mazdaspeed Wheels - Anyone recognise these?

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    I've had my Eunos for about 2 years now and it came with a set of daisies and these which came on the car when imported back in '99. They were in a sorry state so I refurbished them, found that they were originally gunmetal with a polished lip. Not split rim though. They are badged Mazdaspeed on...
  5. NB Parts [WTB] MS Racingharts

    Roadster Wanted To Buy
    Looking for a decent set of 04' MS Racingharts. Have cash in hand, will pay for shipping if needed. I live in WA. I have a set of 15x7.5 3rd gen 6UL's I could trade with if interested. Thank you
  6. NA+NB Parts [FS] MazdaSpeed side sills

    For Sale or Trade
    For sale are a set of MazdaSpeed side sills. I bought them to try and mod them to fit my MX-3 but they are too short and wide, and I would rather not cut them up as they are in pretty nice shape. I live in WA, 80.00 USD plus shipping Thanks for looking
  7. NB Parts Mazdaspeed Miata Seats(PAIR)

    For Sale or Trade
    Selling a pair of OEM Mazdaspeed miata seats. GT black leather w/ red stitching. Very comfortable for daily driving. Asking for $400 OBO. Located in Laguna hills, CA If you're interested Call/Text/pm (NINE FOUR NINE) THREE94-THREEONE64
  8. Mazdaspeed Turbo/Manifold

    For Sale or Trade
  9. Up GMR new video mount. iphone and clean auido

    Roadster Videos
    Edited for humor by miata_racer
  10. NB Parts 2001 JDM MazdaSpeed Wing Red.

    For Sale or Trade
    Hello gang, I have decided it is time to let my uber rare 2001 JDM MS Roadster wing go. I searched long and hard to find this wing back when I had my Miata. IT looked awesome on my silver "Big Gulp", But she is long gone to another home. So, time to recoup a little bit of my cash I have in...
  11. NA Parts Flyin Miata intercooler

    For Sale or Trade
    Would be a good intercooler for a budget build:hello kitty:
  12. NA Vehicle 1992 Turbo Miata Street/Track Car Absolute Monster

    For Sale or Trade
    I bought the car from a local guy that had done the majority of the work but I ended up buying a second track ready miata that had a better rollbar (4pt), 6UL's, Race Seats/Harnesses, etc. and cherry picked off of that to get to what I have today. An absolute monster. Call me at 484.727.8776...
  13. Mazdaspeed Steering Wheel

    For Sale or Trade
    $100 + shipping shipping to most states should be about $25-30 I tried to take pics of key areas but if there's another angle you'd like to see, just let me know. Yes, I will consider reasonable offers.
  14. Mazdaspeed mx5 turbo 0-60 4.45 sec

    Roadster Videos
    A video a friend made of my Mazdaspeed mx5 here is a few pics of my car also if you had not already seen them