1. NB Parts FS: 99-00 DIYPNP Enhanced

    For Sale or Trade
    Enhanced DIYPNP from Reverent for 99-00. My car had a Powercard setup for my supercharger that was mediocre at best; I planned on using this hopefully help with the idle droop. Unfortunately, my car was wrecked by some yahoo who couldn't understand that red lights mean "STOP". So, this thing is...
  2. St.louis tune help/shop suggestions

    Great Lakes/Midwest
    Hey guys. I am in need of a tune. I would love to have someone help me tune my megasquirt for my 1996 JR SC Miata. I want to learn at least what is going on. but if you know a good shop that wont cast an arm and a leg for a good tune in my area.
  3. Good tuning shop near St.louis

    Forced Induction
    I bought a 1996 Miata M edition with a Jackson racing supercharger. The car idle when starting is awful. I have to rev it a little for a minute. and then its fine for the most part. I just want to know. A, will getting my megasquirt tuned help and B. does anyone know any shops they would...
  4. NB Parts 99-00 Megasquirt2 Enhanced

    For Sale or Trade
    Enhanced MS2 from Braineack for 99-00. My car had a Powercard setup for my supercharger that was mediocre at best and I planned on using this to re-tune and make the car perform how it should have. Unfortunately, my car was wrecked by some yahoo who couldn't understand that red lights mean...
  5. NB Parts Parting my 2000SE performance parts, Part 1.

    For Sale or Trade
    MP62 kit, Goodwin BBK, MS2e, PWR Rad, Ultra Wires (1) I'd really think its a heckuvalot easier to sell this BRP MP62 as a kit. Details: BRP MP62 R3 kit with fifth injector. Includes supercharger, fifth injector on dummy TB, 70mm TB, intake, Powercard, BRP plug and play controller, 15PSI pulley...
  6. NA+NB Parts SOLD! MS DIY PNP FULLY ASSEMBLED! $550 / Tampa, FL area

    For Sale or Trade
    SOLD! Megasquirt DIY PNP... This DIY PNP kit was FULLY ASSEMBLED by DIY Autotune. This is the Nippon Denso 76 pin version which covers MANY vehicles, including numerous Mazdas, such as the Miata (90-00), Protégé (90-98), MX-6, RX-7, and many other Japanese makes and models. New price for JUST...
  7. NA Parts NA and NB windows

    For Sale or Trade
    I've got all the windows from a NA miata for sale. Research says they also fit NB miatas. small triangle window and main side window for driver's and passenger's side. asking $20 per side local pick up only I'm near Thousand Oaks, CA
  8. NA Parts 9495 MSPNP 1, LC-1, GM IAT. Need Gone!

    For Sale or Trade
    Right now it just isn't practical for me to have this in my car and I could use the money elsewhere. Im looking to sell everything together but I may separate stuff for the right price. Im only shipping to the US, unless the buyer wants to pay extra to have it shipped out of the country. What...
  9. Megasquirt PnP2 99-00 Miata MS3 is here

    Engine Management (EFI)
    The long wait is over. Affordable, fully user configurable, real time datalogging true PnP engine management for the 99-00 Miata with MS2 code is shipping now. A few salient features / bennies that really like about the unit: Real time tuning and data logging. This means fiddling with cells...
  10. My boooooooosted thread...56K?

    Forced Induction
    Enter my 95M, I was 15yrs old when the car was purchased from an auction it had been totalled due to head on collision for $500. I've spent about a year planning this and purchasing parts and so forth. We started out last saturday night, grabbed my tools from the house and gathered the parts and...
  11. ApexScalpel's NA Build Thread

    Roadster Projects
    ApexScalpel's NA Build Thread (Now with MegaSquirt Issues) After 6 wonderful years with my NA I have decided to do something with the engine :D . I have covered pretty much everything else at this point for the most part; Flex's, Wilwoods, '01 Torsen, '96 1.8 swap, etc and the engine never...