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  1. san berghetto $300 miata newbi project

    New Member Introductions
    Purchesed 300 project a.k.a money pit Got this 96 miata for 300 not running no rims Rusting no front bumper top has tons of holes no battery no altinator tags just expired Who knows what's wrong with it but should b fun to mess around with :) Sorry for incorrect spelling and any other problems...
  2. Miata Challenge #5 WSIR (Big Willow) June 2,2012

    Willow Springs International Raceway (WSIR) SATURDAY, June 2, 2012 Speed Ventures Miata Challenge Round #5 Brought to you by Super Miata and 949 Racing Register 2012 event schedule Rules and Regulations Track Website Willow Springs International Raceway (WSIR or Big Willow) is nicknamed "The...
  3. Miata Challenge #3 Chuckwalla 03/25/12

    Who's going? Chuckwalla Valley Raceway March 25, 2012 Speed Ventures Miata Challenge round 3 Brought to you by Super Miata and 949 Racing Register 2012 event schedule Rules and Regulations\ Track Location and Map This will be Miata Challenge's first visit to this hot (literally) new track...
  4. 2012 Miata Challenge

    SuperMiata and Speed Ventures present the 2012 Miata Challenge Time Trial series Miata Challenge is a simple and fun Time Trial series held exclusively at Speed Ventures events. Any Miata can participate. There are four classes for different levels of modifications. See the rules page for...
  5. SuperMiata & Miata Challenge

    Motorsports Been working on the site and forum on and off for a while now. Feel free to ask questions and post suggestions there (not here). If any of you register, please use the same screen name so we can all keep track of who's who. SuperMiata #1 is being put together. We're going...
  6. Miata Challenge Round 8: Buttonwillow Raceway (9/26/2010)

    There are 3 rounds left in the 2010 season and it looks like the points race for season podium positions is getting tight for certain classes. It’s now going to get even more interesting as Miata Challenge heads back to the self-proclaimed premiere time attack track in California, the Race #13...