miata racing parts

  1. For Sale or Trade
    I am parting out a turbocharged 92 NA (Base Model, No AC or Power Steering) with 198,876 chassis miles and a fresh built motor before loss of oil pressure and bad crankcase noises. Haven't confirmed what's wrong with the engine yet but I will salvage what I can out of it and offer up what's...
  2. How much is my car/stuff worth?
    Hey im just wondering how much these would be as a pckage mounted and how much they would sell for seperatley. Tires still have like 70% and rims are flawless. 15x7 +38 Gunmetal Grey 4x100
  3. 5X Racing
    What's up Miata freaks? We are glad to be sponsoring this forum and the motorsports board specifically! We've been around for a couple of years, and some of you might have run across us on your google searches for Miata parts, but if you haven't seen us, our bag is Miata racing and Miata...