1. Happy birthday PHEOX

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    That’s all. You were born 25 years ago. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss you. That will never stop. I stand at the door knocking.
  2. Plushiebro - not only here for big monies

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    Hey guys! Some of you might have seen the thread over at the toys/collectibles: I'm with Sebastian in this, working on the Autoplush project (I'm doing shipping, website and new model designs). Making ads/shilling...
  3. Plush Miata

    Toys & Collectibles
    Hi everyone My mate and I are big miata fans and one night we decided to do Plush Miatas. We put a lot of effort and love into designing them and we do hope that you will love them too! I will post a few pics shortly :) Best, Sebastian
  4. Front Plates in Texas -- To Drill or Not to Drill?

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    Hey y'all, So my new Miata RF has the super-wicked aesthetic package, which includes the front air dam and grill. In order to mount the front license plate, I have three options: A) Literally drill through the gorgeous front grill; B) Mount the plate on the front i-hook tow hitch thing; C)...
  5. Jacker's 94' M Edition Formation

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    Evening CR! Been a lurker on here for a few years while I owned my last two Miatas and now I finally purchased another one. Everyone jokes "you'll be back" after you sell your Miata and its honestly so true. I'm sure plenty of you have owned multiple Miatas at this point haha. Hard to stay away...
  6. Its like fetlife: but for my Na8.

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    Hi folks! let me start by explaining how happy I am see so many knowledgeable people in one place dedicated to one chassis; i tried some Facebook groups like this but this forum thing is so much more focused! I have had my 97 Miata for a little over 7 months now, and the car would be in a...
  7. Top Down, Lights Up...Because Miata!

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    Hello friends. Not new to the Miata community, but I am new to this forum. I have a 1997 Mazda Miata (MX-5) - Touring package - Montego Blue. I do all the work on it myself, and I try to vlog as much as I can about the car on my YouTube channel "Because Miata". Take care - Peace! : 3gears:
  8. NA Can't Find a Solution to My Problem

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    Hello all, My 94 NA has been having intermittent power loss/no acceleration. Car will idle fine but sometimes as I get on the gas the car won't accelerate and just feels like its bogged up and the revs stop climbing. When this happens it happens in every gear. I basically just keep dropping...
  9. New NB in the LBC!

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    What's up everyone? My name is Trent, I'm 27 and currently live in Long Beach, CA. I decided to join this forum because I just bought my first Miata a few days ago! I'm stoked to finally own the car I've been obsessing over for the past year, and am excited to chat with you guys about it...
  10. What's your favourite Miata story?

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    In celebration of the creation of the Millionth Miata we're compiling a list of the best personal Miata stories from members of the forum to run as a story And we'd love your help... If you'd like to be a part of it, please post your favourite Miata story or memory on this thread...
  11. What Miata bucket seat should I get that's commute friendly?

    I know there are a lot of seat posts, but many of them are track based. I don't plan on tracking my car, but I don't like my body being thrown around either. My car is a 2001 Miata. My current seats are attached below. I plan on on replacing the driver's seat. I want a bucket seat that will be...
  12. 2016 Arctic White Mazda Miata Sport MT Extravaganza!

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    Hi Y'all :bouncin:, My name is Note and just wanted to say :hello kitty: to everyone! Here's some quick picks of my new 2016 Arctic White Mazda Miata Sport that I picked up from Galpin Mazda; I was planning on a Club Trim, but trying to find one in Ceramic White and non-Brembo seemed...
  13. Wheels

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    I have a 2000 Miata with Koni Str-T shocks and H&R springs, which lower it about an inch. I'm looking at Rota Grids right now but I've seen mixed reviews of them. Are Rotas any good and if you don't think so what wheels would you recommend for about $600 that won't rub/require any modifications...
  14. my (soon to be) NAsty drift build

    Roadster Projects
    So one of my friends decided he needed to get rid of his 1990 miata and long story short, I got it for a steal. It's in somewhat rough condition but only has 139k miles and with a little love, will be better than ever! heres a quick picture I snapped in the parking lot (more to come tomorrow)...
  15. Help! exhaust sounds like ass... but only when exhaust is cold

    To start out I have a 1999 miata with a racing beat axle back and a resonator delete via a local exhaust shop. This seems to have started when I deleted the resonator in my '99. After this, when the exhaust is cold (coolant/oil temp don't seem to matter very much, if the car has had 15 minutes...
  16. NA Constant rattle after 1st coming from engine bay

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    Hey guys, I'm a new member to this website, but i've been trying to troubleshoot a problem with my 1994 Mazda Miata. What's wrong is that there is a constant rattle that is dull at high rpms in first gear, but becomes more apparent in higher gears, no matter what rpms. I have ruled out that it...
  17. Constant rattle coming from Engine Bay

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    Hey guys, I'm a new member to this website, but i've been trying to troubleshoot a problem with my 1994 Mazda Miata. What's wrong is that there is a constant rattle that is dull at high rpms in first gear, but becomes more apparent in higher gears, no matter what rpms. I have ruled out that it...
  18. Hello CR Fam

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    HEllo I just joined not to long ago and i just got my miata Saturday :D Has some issued but it's driveable c: Thank you for letting me join c: :bouncin:
  19. Corey's NB Journal - グランド ロードスター

    Roadster Projects
    Hi guys, my name is Corey ]. When I was on the search for my real first car, I didn’t have any intention on getting a 2 seater roadster to drop the roof down on a Sunday and cruise through the countryside (although it is fun, it’s really not my thing) instead I was looking for a car with a...