1. NB Vehicle 1999 Mazda Miata MX-5 Soft Top Florida

    For Sale or Trade
    1999 Mazda Miata MX-5 . mods delete
  2. miata sputtering NEED HELP!

    Engine & Transmission
    ok so ive had this problem for the last 6 months and have been to lazy to make an account and ask the expert Miata community. so the situation is after about like 15-20 min of driving it bogs out when accelerating I have an aem wide band and it runs really lean during the sputtering and will...
  3. The long road from a "stanced" NA to a Track Car.

    Roadster Projects
    Recently I picked up a 1990 Mazda Miata 1.6l. It is currently stanced... But over the next few years I hope to transform it into a streetable track car. Below are some shots of how it sits today. I will post updates as I complete all my planned projects. The first line of business will be to...
  4. Rebuilding of Marylin

    New Member Introductions
    What's going on guys, my name is Alex and im new to the forum. I own a Mazda Miata NA and recently got into an accident due to racing. I've been working on the car myself getting it prepped and ready for the mechanic shop and its finally there now. I cant wait to get the car back with its new...
  5. does anybody know paint code?

    as above been thinking about painting my mx5 (miata to you i am irish :) ) tan but havent been to successful finding a paintcode. this is the colour im after if someboday could help :) ps. this is my first post so hello everyone :)
  6. NA Parts HKS cams for a 1.6

    For Sale or Trade
    Selling a set of HKS cams that were in my 1.6. These are pretty rare to come by now days. Asking $400obo. Buyer pays shipping in paypal fees. Shipping should be around $17-$20 for the continental 48. They are in a sealed container, oiled up, and in my garage out of the elements. Just had...
  7. Texas Drift Events

    Southwest/Rocky Mountain
    I always go to Texas Drift events. Just wanted to see if anyone wants to go, or already does go on here. This weekend Sep 21 @8am- Sep 22 @6pm is Lone Star Bash's Drift Party. Here's a link to the event on Facebook. The event is at Mineral...
  8. New Member, New Track Toy.

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I'm Nicolas, I've been on the forums a lot looking to get a track toy, and finally pulled the trigger on this '95!! First thing I think will be brakes, then 6uls and tires... and so on. I would really appreciate links to useful threads, or any good advice on this project!
  9. NA+NB Parts [FS] MazdaSpeed side sills

    For Sale or Trade
    For sale are a set of MazdaSpeed side sills. I bought them to try and mod them to fit my MX-3 but they are too short and wide, and I would rather not cut them up as they are in pretty nice shape. I live in WA, 80.00 USD plus shipping Thanks for looking
  10. NA Transmission Issues: Can't get gears, clutch less responsive

    Engine & Transmission
    What's up CR, I just recently ran into these issues with my 90 NA after driving through a huge storm two days ago and perhaps hitting some standing water. My car is lowered and 5spd. Its got 170k miles on the body but I was told only 70k on the motor. It's been my daily for 4 months now and I...
  11. A question for the Miata drivers in STR class SCCA racing?

    Hey guys, somewhat new here. I have a question for any of you who drive your Miatas in (SCCA) STR class. I need a decent race seat that'll fir in this tiny ass car while still weighing at least 21 pounds with the rails (Im not sure if this is the exact weight cause i dont have the rule book next...
  12. Auot-x racer from BC

    New Member Introductions
    Greetings from BC, Canada. I am chief organizer of the local auto-x group. We will be running 28 events in 2013 and average about 25 cars per event. I raced a 1972 MGB fro many years but in 2012 switched to an NB Miata. It has Racing Beat intake and headers, Meagan Racing coil overs and JR...
  13. NB Parts Mazdaspeed Miata Seats(PAIR)

    For Sale or Trade
    Selling a pair of OEM Mazdaspeed miata seats. GT black leather w/ red stitching. Very comfortable for daily driving. Asking for $400 OBO. Located in Laguna hills, CA If you're interested Call/Text/pm (NINE FOUR NINE) THREE94-THREEONE64
  14. Canadian mans 1999 Miata with issues :(

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone been lurking this forum for awhile and have enjoyed the debates and discussion on here its always super positive feedback on this forum unlike other car forum I've been a member of (my previous cars where a BMW and 240SX not the nicest forums to be a noob at. :P) Unfortunately...
  15. 92' Red Complete Rebuild -- r3volt

    Roadster Projects
    92' Red NA IRTB High Comp 1.6 Build a.k.a --> r3volt (Updated) Hello, for starters my name is Katelynn or Kate. I have an extensive automotive background, I have worked with a vintage race shop(J and L Fabricating). I have track experience from friends/family with the SCCA sanctioning body. I...
  16. Roadsters FTW!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys! I'm Ken. I've recently moved to LA from Malaysia. I've always been fascinated with cars from an early age and when I moved to LA, I had the opportunity to buy my first car. I've always been into tuners. Initially I wanted the S2000 but eventually a window opened when I met someone who...
  17. Buddy Club Spec II (NA Miata) - It's Coming Back!

    Hi guyysss, UPDATE (05/06/13): Exhausts will be landing stateside in 2-3 weeks and you're more than welcomed to purchase them through me at [email protected]! Two weeks ago, I was informed by my co-worker that Buddy Club is bringing their Spec II exhaust back for NA Miata's. They asked if I...
  18. NA Parts 1997 Complete Spec Miata Suspension please???

    Roadster Wanted To Buy
    Refer to title... Thanks

    PLEASE looking for NA dash good condition, pm os just post it thank you
  20. Kosei K1 TS w/ Avon Slicks

    How much is my car/stuff worth?
    Hey im just wondering how much these would be as a pckage mounted and how much they would sell for seperatley. Tires still have like 70% and rims are flawless. 15x7 +38 Gunmetal Grey 4x100