1. Help! Deciding on a roll bar

    General Automotive Chat
    So I'm extremely new to cars and am trying to figure out what brand name would be best/safest for a roll cage on my nb but under a hard top. I also dont have much cash so was wondering if anyone has an ebay one that works just as well or if I should stick to something else. Any help would be...
  2. Newbie, 1 yr owner, '91 bone stock w/130k.

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, As of a year ago, I am the second owner of a 1991 Crystal White, manual trans, power steering, no ABS, with hardtop. It is completely stock, and was intentionally kept stock by its first owner for 20 years. It is in very good condition still. It has 130k miles now, and I am considering...
  3. NB Parts F/S: NB1 (99-00) Inside Chrome Door Handles & LED Trunk light mod

    For Sale or Trade
    Forgot I had these sitting around in my garage. Some of them have clips, might work or might not... easiest thing to do is to reuse your clips off your black inside door handles. These are bolt-on for the 99-00 Miatas, the 01+ require some modding. A quick search on or will give you...
  4. The Tick aka OEM Plus™

    Roadster Projects
    I figured I'd start a thread of my own to catalog my plans for my 2002 Laser Blue, otherwise known as The Tick: I just paid him off at the beginning of the month and am thinking of mods that I'd like to do to "finish" him off. Of course, I can't just go mod crazy. My philosophy is to make...