1. ilGerry's Italian Montego Blue

    Roadster Projects
    Hi everyone, Today i start to post a few photos of my Montego Blue Miata that i bought last year and to which i made some changes...:phillyb: This is the car when i bought it: 1996 1.6 Miata, 90HP, 15x7 TE37 wheels and few more little changes...
  2. NA Parts 97 Montego PARTOUT LSD**

    For Sale or Trade
    I was involved in an accident last winter totaling it out. I have a 97 Montego miata that had a 1.8, 5 speed and torsen diff in it. I am willing to part out with anything on the car so if i do not list a part let me know. I am willing to sell things as a bundle deal if anyone wants to buy it as...