1. Jürgen's NB race car

    SPS Motorsport
    Jürgen's NB racing car One of the flagships among our race cars! Jürgen's NB is equipped with almost everything that the racing driver's heart desires. Quaife 6-speed sequential gearbox, GT30 turbo kit, modified camshafts, forged block and a KAAZ differential are some of the crucial factors...
  2. Our shop ND

    SPS Motorsport
    Our shop ND, which is also used on the racetrack for numerous test drives. Among other things, a complete Friedrich Motorsport exhaust system, a CAE Short Shifter (soon to be available in the shop) and many other applications are installed. The car is driven by our driver Dominik as a daily to...
  3. Sven's NA race car

    SPS Motorsport
    Sven's NA race car Another vehicle from the Pro Class of the German Time Attack Masters. Sven's NA is next to Jürgen's NB Pro-Class cars in our repertoire. For propulsion provides here a forged engine with EFR Turbo, which is transmitted by a Quaife 6-speed sequential gearbox and a KAAZ...
  4. Dominik's NB racecar

    SPS Motorsport
    Dear community, because of your interest in a post about the racing cars I start here with the first one: Dominik's NB racing car is mainly driven in the club class of GermanTimeAttack Masters. The engine is a 1.8L VVT engine, which is charged with a Mazdaspeed turbo kit, which delivers...