1. NASA Florida at Homestead March 23-24 2013

    NASA Florida is holding an event at Homestead-Miami Speedway on the 23-24th of this month. They will be offering a Hyperdrive, all four levels of HPDE, time trial, competition license evaluation, and double sprint roadracing. They will also be using the “club” course configuration [w/T10...
  2. Team 949 Racing @ Thunderhill 25 Hours

    Motorsports Follow us on twitter @Team949Racing NASA 25 Hours Of Thunderhill December 3-4 E2 Class 2011 Thunderhill 25 Hours Media Guide We have assembled a team of all stars. We have two kick ass cars. We have spent a mountain of time testing and...
  3. Introducing Crusher

    Roadster Projects
    I am forwarding this from the thread on This is Emilio's (949Racing) newest creation specifically built for racing the NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill on December 3-4. Some of's very own are going to participate on this effort and/or have been working hard for the past 12 months...
  4. Blackbird Fabworx 10 point half cage, now NASA legal!

    Great news! Until now, if you wanted to go to the track with NASA you needed to install a rollbar that was spec'd out to hold a concrete truck. This of course resulted in a weight penalty. Another downside of this requirement was that if you ever wanted to upgrade it to a full cage you'd have...
  5. Aug 2011 wins & lap records for Team 949 Racing

    NASA enduro and sprint races at Thunderhil Raceway - Willows, CA August 13-14, 2011 CCW with bypass E2 class in enduros (1HR Saturday, 2HR Sunday) PTD class in the sprint race PTD lap record 2:07.6 E2 lap record 2:03.1 Drivers: William Chen, Emilio Cervantes Closely fought battle with...
  6. video - SM/PTE Buttonwillow 04-17

    Roadster Videos
    Video from the NASA event at Buttonwillow yesterday. PTE. Decided to enter PTE at the last minute so I missed qualifying. Started dead last, 20 or so cars in class. Finished 3rd and set 2nd fastest race lap. This was my first ever sprint distance club race. Just Alfa Club and NCRC before this...