nb miata

  1. 2001 miata starter issues

    Engine & Transmission
    so i recently did a motor swap my old motor has started to get a bit of piston slap so i swapped for another newer motor i used the old starter and it worked fine it would start but get hung up on the flex plate so we used a shim to give the right space and it worked for a week but it’s getting...
  2. Sup everyone!!

    New Member Introductions
    Yoooohh!!!! I own a 2000 miata and I've had it for 3 years its an awesome car to drive, recently o started working on it I'm planning to paint it from the exterior to the interior, 3 days ago I ordered a full ser of Tein lowering springs and Koni shocks with it and it will drop the front about...
  3. OEM-Look Head Units for NB

    Audio & Electronics
    Hey folks, Just tossing this idea around in my head while the car's up for the winter. I've considered replacing my OEM head unit (double-din w/ internal 6-disc changer) from time to time, but definitely want something that would look as if it was made for my car. Seems that NA drivers have...
  4. WTT: 99-00 Cloth for 01-05 Cloth Seats

    For Sale or Trade
    All, One of the odd things about my car (an '02) is that it came with 99-00 seats. My only guess is that the previous owner (who had installed Mazdaspeed--not Mazdaspeed Miata--seats) got them from the dealer when he took off some of his goodies prior to selling the car. At 6'1", they're a...