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  1. Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    I just bought a 2004 Miata and am looking to buy new wheels for it. I'm wondering what you guys think my current OEM wheels are worth without tires? I plan on swapping the tires over to the new set up. I would've posted to the classified section, but I don't have access yet, so hopefully this is...
  2. Roadster Wanted To Buy
    Curious if anyone has these or is selling a set. They came on 97' m editions and they're 15 inch and 6 spoke as apposed to the 14 inch 7 spokes you usually see.
  3. For Sale or Trade
    Not willing to part out, looking to sell this as a whole complete package. For pickup only in Danville, CA. The hardtop is black with headliner and defroster. It has the 1992-1997 defroster pigtail on it. Paint, glass, headliner, and seals are all in excellent condition. Two cracks in the...
  4. Exterior
    Looking for OEM parts for my 01 BRG but they're so hard to find unpainted/painted BRG! OEM large side sills, OEM small front air dam, small mud flaps (front+rear), and a black soft top (I can't stand my tan one). Anyone know a parts distributer or something? I know ebay user "chrysler-w" is...
  5. For Sale or Trade
    Hi, im selling a set of rims with tires from a Mazda Miata (195/60 R14). The rims are OEM and tires have good thread life. The rims have wear and tare but in great condition. One of the rims have a small scuff. The rims are not bent and tires have never been patched or plugged (never...
  6. For Sale or Trade
    Hi, I am selling oem hardtop latches (came from a 96 hardtop) for (top&sides) $50+shipping I only have 9 Screws left. The rest was stripped from the Locktite blue. Thanks for looking.
  7. Roadster Wanted To Buy
    WTB stockies for NA i live Socal area
  8. For Sale or Trade
    These are OEM parts purchased directly from the Mazda stealership. Both are brand new in packing materials, and were only unwrapped/removed for these photos (to snap pics, I had to cut all the original tape on the packaging). My bodywork & paint for this car have been really pushed back, &...
  9. For Sale or Trade
    $150 for all 4 with falken ziex tires In socal, tires about 80-90% (they were mounted 3 months ago)
1-10 of 10 Results