1. Who are SPS Motorsport?

    SPS Motorsport
    Dear community, I am Guido from SPS Motorsport and I would like to introduce You to our program. We are the largest MX-5 tuner in Germany. We do not only convert vehicles for the road but also do a lot of racing. Racing cars with partly over 500hp have already left our workshop and reached...
  2. Hello Everyone! New Member 92' Miata - JDM 1.8 Swap/Organization!

    New Member Introductions
    What's up everyone, my name is Daniel. I'm the Marketing Communications Director for K.R.O.P.S. and I'm looking forward to interacting with the community here! We have a 1992 Mazda Miata with a JDM 1.8 Swap that's used for track purposes. We have BIG things in store for 2015! We are K.R.O.P.S...
  3. 15x9 Et0 on 225/50 falkens .. Flared?

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    So some months ago I bought a set of 15x8 et0 and was not satisfied at all! I want something more aggressive ! Mean looking !! I rock the Megan ez coilovers , now the thing is I have a set of 225/50/r15 sitting in my garage brand new and Im thinking of using it with 15x9 that I pretend to buy...
  4. NA+NB Parts FS: Work Eqiup 01 15x7 +38 +35 socal

    For Sale or Trade
    REAL jdm Work Equip 01 fronts 15x7 +38 A-Disk rears 15x7 +35 O-Disk 4 x center caps NO VALVES mint condition fresh refinished faces new hardware FS $1500 OBO NOSHIPPING SOCAL
  5. NA+NB Parts enkei PF01 15x8+35

    For Sale or Trade
    4 15x8+35 PF01 matte black wheels are 12.8lbs 1 wheels has a small curb rash like 1/2" mark paint wear normal driving no bents no cracks no center caps socal $650 obo SOLD no shipping LOCAL PICK UP might be up for TRADE 15x7+35 no reps copies or low end brands ex: xxr srr rota.......
  6. Arca's R Package Racecar Build - ST5/TT5

    Roadster Projects
    So, the background story for this car and build starts about August 2012. I'll cover what's been done up to this point then go from there. I have a build thread on my other car and thought it would be nice to have one for the Miata as well. Anyways, I had been tracking my then daily driver...
  7. NA Vehicle 1992 Turbo Miata Street/Track Car Absolute Monster

    For Sale or Trade
    I bought the car from a local guy that had done the majority of the work but I ended up buying a second track ready miata that had a better rollbar (4pt), 6UL's, Race Seats/Harnesses, etc. and cherry picked off of that to get to what I have today. An absolute monster. Call me at 484.727.8776...
  8. 1991 Miata w/Hardtop $3500

    For Sale or Trade
    Are you looking for a cheap track car? Here is a white 5spd Miata with full spec miata suspension parts: SPEC MIATA SUSPENSION KIT FOR 1.6L. Kit includes: BILSTEIN SHOCKS (FRONT #0000-04-5225-BL FRONT, REAR #0000-04-5226-BL), EIBACH ERS 2.5' I.D. RACE SPRINGS (FRONT 700lbs/6'...