radio blanking plate

  1. !n-joy PREORDER THREAD: Radio Gauge/Blanking Plates ($30-35)

    Ok, in anticipation for our first production batch of radio gauge/blanking plates that will be cut, some people have PMed about preordering. I can say that Leon and I are happy to take preorders, so here's how it'll work. To preorder, follow the instructions below: PM me (VagaXt) your order...
  2. !n-joy What radio blanking/gauge plates are you interested in?

    Leon and I are about to cut the first batch of single- and double-DIN radio plates for production, but with the number of options available, we need to know what you guys want so we have the popular cover plates and brackets in stock to ship ASAP. Help us out and vote, so we can get these...
  3. !n-joy NA and NB Radio Blanking Plates ($35 shipped)

    For the minimalist weight-saving driver that doesn’t care for a radio in their car. !n-joy Radio Blanking Plates are just the ticket for those who also still care about their interiors. For those who got some nice 52mm gauges, but have no place for them? Now, you do with the !n-Joy Radio Gauge...