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  1. DIY and How-To Writeups
    Why does the world need another seat foam removal thread you ask? Because I haven't seen one yet that was for an NB that didn't completely suck platypus ass :phillyb: This is for NB1 seats, might be different locations of stuff on NB2 and there are plenty of NA threads out there already, but...
  2. Interior
    I understand that carpet removal will make the cabin noise louder but how is it in the Miata? And what is the weight savings?
  3. Forced Induction
    Mazdaspeed mx5 turbo compressor oil seal failure so I have to replace my turbo. Im going to take a lot of pictures. Im going to take off my intercooler to clean the oil out & also part of the intake manifold. Im going to buy a electrical impact wrench. My car has been sitting for about a month...
1-3 of 3 Results