1. Eunos Roadster (1.8)

    Roadster Projects
    Hi all, I'll try keep this brief and updated with lots of pictures, had the car since June 2017 and haven't driven it more than 200m, it went straight in the garage! It's an Eunos Roadster (1.8) Mazdaspeed B-Spec Stage II, previous owner had used it for drifting, it'd seen better days by the...
  2. Jacker's 94' M Edition Formation

    Roadster Projects
    Evening CR! Been a lurker on here for a few years while I owned my last two Miatas and now I finally purchased another one. Everyone jokes "you'll be back" after you sell your Miata and its honestly so true. I'm sure plenty of you have owned multiple Miatas at this point haha. Hard to stay away...
  3. What Miata bucket seat should I get that's commute friendly?

    I know there are a lot of seat posts, but many of them are track based. I don't plan on tracking my car, but I don't like my body being thrown around either. My car is a 2001 Miata. My current seats are attached below. I plan on on replacing the driver's seat. I want a bucket seat that will be...
  4. Hi from Manchester, UK - JDM NB RS

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I'm already on a few other forums, mainly UK ones since that's where I live but I saw this one mentioned on the TopMiata Instagram feed and thought I'd best join up! I drive a 1998 Japanese import NB, which is the RS version (lighter flywheel, higher revving, 6 speed, Bilsteins and all...
  5. Corey's NB Journal - グランド ロードスター

    Roadster Projects
    Hi guys, my name is Corey ]. When I was on the search for my real first car, I didn’t have any intention on getting a 2 seater roadster to drop the roof down on a Sunday and cruise through the countryside (although it is fun, it’s really not my thing) instead I was looking for a car with a...
  6. Meet Emmy in London

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys...been lurking for ages (over 1 year now) but thought I'd get rid of the "Introduce yourself" message everytime I log in. So please say hi to Emmy (named by the kids, because M is for Mazda, and that's good enough for me) 1995/6 Eunos Roadster, VR-Limited Combination A. Paint is Art...
  7. Sparco R100 or Sparco sprint V

    i am looking for a office chair as i love cars and i thought i had narrowed it down to two seats. the Corbeau Forza's and the the f104 (sprint v's) but i came across the r100 so i would like your opinion. Im fairly sure i wont be doing any racing so my to main priorities are looks and...
  8. Driver window rattle while driving.

    Ok so idk if it applies to this section but while i drive and i have the window half way down or 1/4 of the way down, it rattles a little. Is it that its coming loose or imwhat can it be. Be ause the passenger one makes no noise whatsoever.
  9. Headlamp conversion?

    ok so ive seen a couple miatas with a square headlamp conversion.and im kinda digging it.but do they sell an actual kit to replace the stock ones with a pair of square omes or would you have to get them from a different car and modify it to mount them on the miata? If so from what car? Thank you...
  10. NA Parts FOR SALE Roadster Sport Muffler $80 in Northern Cali

    For Sale or Trade
    FOR SALE: Came off of my '91 NA. Sounds good, but I recently got a new muffler so I have no use for this. Asking $80, you can come pick it up, unless you really wanna pay for shipping... PM me or comment, look at my craigslist post:
  11. newbie from WISCONSIN

    New Member Introductions
    new to clubroadster. from janesville wi! just recently got a red 92 miata. pretty beat up. got it for $800. stock. HIGH miles :| needs work. i gave it a tune up and its running better. makes some weird noises im looking into. i dont know much about miatas but im really looking forward to...
  12. Roadster Shootout at CFRC, July 3rd

    At CFRC on July 3rd, we are having our 1st annual Roadster Shootout autocross event. The Shootout will be run in a similar way to how we run our monthly autocross events, but with a few changes. We normally have a course that could be navigated by a wide range of cars, for this event, we will...
  13. Fujitsubo ultralight exhaust @949Racing

    A few left at this sale price $589 RM-01A Race stainless lightweight, 90-97 Miata # FJ 160-55524 MSRP $760 Price include free shipping within the US lower 48 states. The RM-01A is Fujitsubo's race model. Agressive in tone, super light weight and tuned for max power. Besides that, the...