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  1. 1990 Miata From Indiana

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    Hey guys, I'm Erik Stine, a car enthusiast like many of you. I have three cars, but daily drive a 1990 Miata that is slowly turning into a project car. I learned to drive stick on this car, and have had it since it was absolutely bone stock. I've done a few modifications since then, but nothing...
  2. NA Vehicle 1996 Brilliant Black

    For Sale or Trade
    Decided to try something different out this upcoming winter. Located in North San Diego County Details of car and more pictures are here: A pic: I do have a car fax available if you're interested! Asking $6000
  3. Help! Deciding on a roll bar

    General Automotive Chat
    So I'm extremely new to cars and am trying to figure out what brand name would be best/safest for a roll cage on my nb but under a hard top. I also dont have much cash so was wondering if anyone has an ebay one that works just as well or if I should stick to something else. Any help would be...
  4. Waketower speakers on roll bar?

    Audio & Electronics
    So this weekend I'll be swapping out my M-edition seats with speakers in the headrest for some fixed back buckets. I was originally thinking of just building a small speaker box and putting it in between the seats on the rear shelf. Well my friend came up with the idea of just getting some...
  5. New sponsor on Zerekfabrication!

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    Hello Clubroadster! Zerek fabrication is now a sponsor on the forum! We are a TIG only fabrication & performance shop. We build all of our products with the best material for the application, and we keep quality craftsmanship in mind for every one of our products! We have a lot of products...
  6. Padding dat rollbar?

    soooo... I recently installed a Boss Frog Clearview Maxx rollbar but theres a problem. The install went well but now that it's in, it seems a bit dangerous :smile1:. I'm 6'3" and the rollbar is right behind the "headrest" of my seat and a low speed accident such as being rear-ended is looking a...
  7. NA Which Roll Bar is Furthest from Your Head?

    Hi, I come from an NC. I'm looking to build an NA soon. After looking at various built up NA's I've noticed how some aftermarket roll bars are awfully close to the driver's head. Not bad with a helmet on, no bueno for street driving. Using a Miata NA with a factory hardtop and no soft top as a...
  8. Keeping the inside cool on a hot day?

    Hey everyone, I have a brand new A/C system and It gives off 40 degree air and a good flow... but my Hard dog roll bar radiates heat right beside my head. I also have a hardtop but the glass is broken and i'm running black soft top. With 100 degree temps outside, is there a way to keep the...
  9. 3 Day 15% Off SALE at! Ends 5/3/12

    Moss Miata
    Hello Clubroadster! MossMiata is having a 15% off Sale now through Thursday on web orders. Just add the code MAY15 in the promo code field of your order form and 15% will be deducted immediately! This promo is good on EVERYTHING except supercharger kits. That means roll bars, big brake kits...
  10. Blackbird Fabworx presenting - the Street Cage!

    Finally a roll cage that is completely streetable! The Blackbird Fabworx Street cage seen in the pics was built into "Senna", the Fat Cat Motorsports demo Miata and it is the missing link between a street oriented roll bar and a full blown race cage. With 12 points connecting the cage to the...
  11. NA Parts Polished Hard Dog Deuce

    For Sale or Trade
    ADMINS: PLEASE DELETE: Polished Hard Dog Deuce SOLD!!! For sale is my polished, Hard Dog Deuce roll bar. It is used, but in very good condition. It is the side braced version. I have all the mounting hardware. The only issue is that one of the bolts is stripped in the middle. I don't actually...