1. NA+NB Parts NA/NB - Tan CarMake Corns Leather Racing Seats (pair)

    For Sale or Trade
    SOLD NA/NB - Tan CarMake Corns Leather Racing Seats (pair) Good Morning all, I have for sale, a pair of tan CarMake Corn's Leather Racing Seats. These are in excellent condition, include the brackets and factory miata rails and seat belt receivers. (if you don't need these i'll remove to save...
  2. NA+NB Parts Lotus Elise Seats

    For Sale or Trade
    Selling these for a friend I have some non-probax elise seats for sale. I bought them after sitting in some replica seats, and these were not as close as I was hoping for and I don't fit in them in the car as well as I had hoped. They are in okay shape with some imperfections in the...
  3. NA Lower position with OEM seats?

    Is there an aftermarket seat rail or even a proven DIY method for getting the OEM seat to sit lower in the car? Besides the "foamectomy"? I searched and couldn't find anything...
  4. NA+NB Parts Vintage JDM Seats You've Always Loved and Wanted...

    For Sale or Trade
    Hi Guys, Here for sale a pair of seats that i recently bought in Japan. I don't know who is the manufacturer, but i can confirm that they are really well made. I bought them as new and i put them in my miata only for a couple of hours. Unfortunately they are too small for me. (I'm 185cm tall and...
  5. NA+NB Parts (CT) Garage Star Seat Bracket, F1Spec type5 seats, 914 plaid seats

    For Sale or Trade
    Beginning the process of returning my Miata to stock. Prices can be discussed via PM. I'm located in Manchester CT, but the seats are in East Hartford. If you are local and just need them delivered, throw in a six pack and I can help with that. Prices: Garagestar slider = 200.00 shipped and...
  6. NA Corbeau Classic Seats? How are they?

    I am eyeing on this Corbeau Classic Bucket Seat. It seems like a nice classic looking seat for people like me with a tighter budget... I wanna ask some of you who has the seat, how does it feel? Is it comfortable? Any issue or things that I should consider before I buy it? For me, I do not...
  7. Sparco R100 or Sparco sprint V

    i am looking for a office chair as i love cars and i thought i had narrowed it down to two seats. the Corbeau Forza's and the the f104 (sprint v's) but i came across the r100 so i would like your opinion. Im fairly sure i wont be doing any racing so my to main priorities are looks and...
  8. A question for the Miata drivers in STR class SCCA racing?

    Hey guys, somewhat new here. I have a question for any of you who drive your Miatas in (SCCA) STR class. I need a decent race seat that'll fir in this tiny ass car while still weighing at least 21 pounds with the rails (Im not sure if this is the exact weight cause i dont have the rule book next...
  9. NB Parts Mazdaspeed Miata Seats(PAIR)

    For Sale or Trade
    Selling a pair of OEM Mazdaspeed miata seats. GT black leather w/ red stitching. Very comfortable for daily driving. Asking for $400 OBO. Located in Laguna hills, CA If you're interested Call/Text/pm (NINE FOUR NINE) THREE94-THREEONE64
  10. NB Foamectomey

    DIY and How-To Writeups
    Why does the world need another seat foam removal thread you ask? Because I haven't seen one yet that was for an NB that didn't completely suck platypus ass :phillyb: This is for NB1 seats, might be different locations of stuff on NB2 and there are plenty of NA threads out there already, but...
  11. NA Parts 2005 BRG Lotus Elise Seats w/ rails

    For Sale or Trade
    I have a set of Lotus Elise seats for sale only. They are out of an '05 BRG Elise. They are tan leather, with cloth on the outside. They have an inflatable lumbar for extra back support. They are in good condition, for daily use. They are currently in my 1990 Miata. They will bolt right into any...
  12. NA Parts FS: Tan Elise seats, non-probax

    For Sale or Trade
    I have a pair of tan elise seats for sale. These seats are non-probax version of the elise seats. I have sat and driven in both probax and non-probax and I have to say that probax seat has about 1/4 inch more foam but doesn't have adjustable lumbar support. Overall, there is only very minor...
  13. NA Parts FS: Miata driver low-position seat rail

    For Sale or Trade
    Brand new unopened other than to take the photographs. NA Miata driver side seat rail. For side mount bucket seat application only. Good for you tall persons XD Reason for sale, change of plans. Going to put the bucket on another car. Location: Toronto Canada (pickup welcome) Price SOLD obo...
  14. MSM leather seats.

    For Sale or Trade
    selling my msm seats from my 05 MSM. leather, black with red stitching. Ill post up some pics later. willing to trade for other seats. something that will fit a 36" waist. 450 OBO. buyer takes care of shipping
  15. FS/FT 99 black leather seats

    For Sale or Trade
    Morning, I've got '99 black leather covered stock seats for sale/trade - looking for '99 black cloth OEM seats. Located in Chicago. Best to reply here or PM. Thank you.
  16. (FL) Full carbon/suede Noble M400 seats/brackets/sliders

    For Sale or Trade
    Name: Cameron Auld Location: Tallahassee, Florida 32303 E-mail: Skim1040 @ tampabay. rr. com Price: $1000 obo (trades?) Shipping: Willing to ship, but buyer pays! Local pickup or delivery within a reasonable distance ok Preferred Payment: PayPal or M.O. I've had these seats for quite a...
  17. WTB or Donations stock NA parts So Cal.

    Roadster Wanted To Buy
    Trying to put back a NA miata cheap. let me know. Thanks everyone. rear driver side caliper 1.6 - Pending rear rotor and pads(yes your old used ones) -pending shift boot - might make stock sway bars headlights - Pending headlight covers red Driver seat stock intake & airbox 1.8 driver side...
  18. Lotus Elise Seats in Great Condition

    For Sale or Trade
    These seats have 9,000 miles on them and are in great condition. I originally purchased them for my miata, but need the cash. It looks like there's a spot on the passenger side, but there isn't. I believe it was lint or something on the lens. $500 obo, local pickup at Infineon Raceway. You...
  19. 10AE seats for sale

    For Sale or Trade
    Seats been out of the car and in plastic bags for quite awhile: the Pax seat since ~2003, the driver's seat since ~2001, and they are in VERY good shape - the only blemish is on the driver's seat, as pictured. $400.00 for both and you pay shipping or p/u in SoCal. ********SOLD**********
  20. WTT: 99-00 Cloth for 01-05 Cloth Seats

    For Sale or Trade
    All, One of the odd things about my car (an '02) is that it came with 99-00 seats. My only guess is that the previous owner (who had installed Mazdaspeed--not Mazdaspeed Miata--seats) got them from the dealer when he took off some of his goodies prior to selling the car. At 6'1", they're a...