SHARKSGIVING IS OVER!!!!!!! Thank you everyone! You've made this year's sale a tremendous success. And now I've got several weeks of gauge production ahead of me.... The store is still open! If you need any holiday gifts for yourself or others, you know where to go.
    The 2016 Miata Calendar Submissions are closed! Sample Pix from last year
    revlimiter Horn Buttons Highest quality Italian horn buttons with custom domed badges. Insert is the same as the badges - composed of cut vinyl and solar-cell quality polyurethane epoxy. Fits every steering wheel I've tested - Momo, Nardi (with horn retainer ring), and Sparco. Horn can ground...
    Sharka's Gauge Cups Urethane gauge pods designed to fit the NA6 (non airbag) Miata dashboard. Originally from Project M, re-produced by permission. Fits left or right hand drive cars. Mounting hardware and fitting template included. Fits all 52mm aftermarket gauges. Hit my store for price and...
    Version Cosmos for NA All-plastic, robot-cut gauge face set for all NA Miatas (89-97). Matte finish. Blue/black face, white text. 6:00 Zero position. 0-8000 RPM, 0-140 MPH. Redline at 7000. Go to my store for price and ordering info. Day Mode I've had the idea to do some elaborate...
    Sharksgiving is over! Thank you for making it a success everyone!!! Your business is greatly appreciated. Now to make a whole bunch of gauges.
  7. Roadster Projects
    Look at that stockitude. Stockness. Stockitocity. Most folks know about Bucky, my daily driver. I still get the random "you have an NB?!?!" or "did you put an NB nose on Sharka" reply when Bucky creeps into a Sharka photo, but it doesn't happen too often anymore. Still, Bucky needed a build...