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  1. Suspension
    So today I attended my first Autocross event ever and well I love it. Now my car is in no way set up for any type of racing it's just bone stock except for some coils that are too low, wheels that are too big and tires that are too small lol. Anyways in the beginning everybody was like :rice...
  2. Suspension
    Ok so im looking for a good suspension with good dampening adjustability. And also if i feel like laying frame for a meet, i could be able to do that. I was in between bc racing, stance gr+ or d2 coils. So who can let me know which of these wont really restrict me from going as low as i want...
  3. Roadster Projects
    Sup dudes. I work a minimum wage job part time so I'm kinda poor. This is the transformation of my car in about 9 months. I bought the car for $2900 with 167k. When I first got it, it was on some sort of shitty OEM replacement shocks with Tein lowering springs but it actually handled pretty...
  4. Suspension
    Hey guys, I bought Megan Racing EZ Street coilovers a while back and they have been really good. its a great ride. I want to go lower, but the spring rates aren't stiff enough... i keep rubbing fender. Right now there at F: 8kg/mm-447lbs/inch R: 6kg/mm-335lbs/inch . my question is, Where can i...
  5. California
    slamburglars is helping host a slammed car meet in sb with stanceworks. so far we have about 50 cars going and would like to have a lot more! bring bbq stuff if you want to make HAMBURGARS! see you guys there :p
1-5 of 5 Results