1. NA+NB Parts SSR MK1

    For Sale or Trade
    For sale is my set of SSR MK1's. They are in great condition. The wheels and tires have about 1k miles total on them. I am also including a set of SSR shank lug nuts with the sale. I am looking for $1350 for the set of wheels with tires an lugs. That price does not include shipping/ paypal fees...
  2. NA+NB Parts SSR Speed Star Racing Type-C Super Light Competition Rims

    For Sale or Trade
    All damage is cosmetic. No curb rash at all. Forged 15 inch (6.5 or 7J) 4X100 @ 8lb per rim (3.6kg) ultra light... Just needs a respray and stickers... Negotiable $900 to $1000 shipped to your door. The rims are in Japan , I have lots of experience posting to the US and do it regularly.
  3. NA+NB Parts SSR Reverse Mesh Center Caps

    Roadster Wanted To Buy
    I know it is a long shot, but I would really like to find a set of SSR center caps for my Reverse Mesh wheels. Any SSR cap that fits would do, but I prefer the gold/black type commonly found on Reverse Meshes. I have not contacted Tetsuya Garage about this yet, he (Rod) is trying to get me a...
  4. NA Parts PreSpring Spring Cleaning

    For Sale or Trade
    1. RSpeed R Lip $80 + Shipping and TDR Splitter (damaged) $60 + shipping (Not shipping til togue run lip gets here so I have a box. otherwise ill just wrap it up in stretch wrap) Holes I drilled in splitter to get it to line up. The splitter was fine, I think it was just the RSpeed lip and...