1. Shift Pattern Plates

    What is everyone using? I want to get one but havent really seen anything that I like yet. I dont want a sticker. I want an some sort of metal plate. And it has to be for a 6-speed. Thanks
  2. Prestige Roadsters

    General Automotive Chat
    ok maybe some of you have heard of this little miata page i started in instagram,,maybe some of you havent. Its just a little miata enthusiast page that ive had going on for the past month now. A page where people can just submit a photo and show off their roadster and enjoy others. And also any...
  3. Club Roadster Sticker

    Hi everyone!! I was just wondering where could I purchases Club Roadster sticker???? The reason for this is that I am doing a sticker bomb project on my Miata fender and would like to add Club Roadster as part of that sticker bomb. If anyone has any clue please let know. Thank you
  4. Official XXR Center Cap Badge Thread

    I decided that it's best if I have an official thread for each make of center cap badges that I can keep up to date instead of posting a new thread every time I release a series of badges. This thread is for XXR Center Cap Badge pictures, questions and discussion For those of you interested...