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  1. Interior
    What is everyone using? I want to get one but havent really seen anything that I like yet. I dont want a sticker. I want an some sort of metal plate. And it has to be for a 6-speed. Thanks
  2. General Automotive Chat
    ok maybe some of you have heard of this little miata page i started in instagram,,maybe some of you havent. Its just a little miata enthusiast page that ive had going on for the past month now. A page where people can just submit a photo and show off their roadster and enjoy others. And also any...
  3. Exterior
    Hi everyone!! I was just wondering where could I purchases Club Roadster sticker???? The reason for this is that I am doing a sticker bomb project on my Miata fender and would like to add Club Roadster as part of that sticker bomb. If anyone has any clue please let know. Thank you
1-3 of 4 Results