1. Super Lap Battle 2017 - Miata wins Unlimited RWD

    We took our Maxxis Supermiata Cup S1 race car and made a few tweaks. Higher boost ECU map 16psi, 245 A7's, big ass DIY splitter, GT1000 rear wing. Good enough for the class win a new Miata lap record for Buttonwillow 13 CW of 1:44.983, about 6s faster than the old record.
  2. 2016 Maxxis Cup - Supermiata

    2016 Maxxis Cup - Supermiata Supermiata is proud to announce an expanded partnership with Maxxis Tires for 2016. The Maxxis RC-1 has been the official spec tire of the series since 2014, our first year. For 2016 we add new programs to entice racers to join us for the most affordable racing in...
  3. Deviate K20A2

    Engine Swaps!
    Some of you will remember our 95R Street Project car from about 5 years ago. That later received a race engine and C30-74 Rotrex from Jackson Racing. We set that hardware aside for a future project then ordered a K swap kit from KMiata. We started this about 18 months ago. It's getting pretty...
  4. Taxi: 200whp project

    IRTB (Individual Runner Throttle Bodies)
    This is a raggedy little NA6 we had previously set up for training in our SuperMiata race series with a 145whp NB2 engine. We call it the Taxi because its purpose in life is to give people rides. We had this 2.0L 13.0:1 Whammy sitting in the back of our shop for two years so I had the silly idea...
  5. ND project

    Roadster Projects
    CAD renders of the ND we're building with Mazda. It'll be a track rat that we'll give rides in. It's our primary parts development car so it'll be a bit different every time we take it out. Roll bar is just teh concept drawing. Blackbird Fabworx will build the actual bar for soft top delete...
  6. NB2 engine 95R SuperMiata street project

    Roadster Projects
    Our SuperMiata street project car, my daily driver. The goal was to take our completely stock, high mileage and rough looking 95 R package into a clean daily driver that should pass emissions testing in every state. The car will be autocrossed and used for HPDE (Miata Challenge) now and...
  7. New Tein Street Basis coilovers

    Tein has just released the new Street Basis coilovers. These replace the discontinued "Basic" model. The current price is under $700 shipped. The Street Basis is a twin tube design, valved for sporting street use. These are not valved for huge soft compound tires and competition. Expect ride...
  8. 2012 Miata Challenge

    SuperMiata and Speed Ventures present the 2012 Miata Challenge Time Trial series Miata Challenge is a simple and fun Time Trial series held exclusively at Speed Ventures events. Any Miata can participate. There are four classes for different levels of modifications. See the rules page for...
  9. Introducing Crusher

    Roadster Projects
    I am forwarding this from the thread on This is Emilio's (949Racing) newest creation specifically built for racing the NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill on December 3-4. Some of's very own are going to participate on this effort and/or have been working hard for the past 12 months...
  10. Supermiata Wing

    We just got our custom made FRP GTC-200 wings. In stock and ready to ship. These are vacuum formed FRP, same shape as the carbon version. Deleting the carbon outer skin adds a few ounces but cuts $200 off the price. We also had the end plates enlarged by about 250%. Same direct fit Miata mounts...
  11. SuperMiata Air Dam @ 949 Racing

    We now have the SuperMiata airdam in stock for the NB1 (99-00). 90-97 will be ready in about 6 weeks. NB2, (01-05) in about 8 weeks. The design goals were, in order of priority: 1. Reduce aero drag 2. Reduce aero lift 3. Be inexpensive 4. Not destroy the front body work if it gets hit 5. Be...
  12. SuperMiata & Miata Challenge

    Motorsports Been working on the site and forum on and off for a while now. Feel free to ask questions and post suggestions there (not here). If any of you register, please use the same screen name so we can all keep track of who's who. SuperMiata #1 is being put together. We're going...