suspension kit

  1. NB Top Hats Conversion to Fit NA

    Hello everyone, I have a 93 NA with stock springs but SRTS Koni shocks. I need to know how to upgrade them to NB Top hats. I have been doing a lot of research, but i haven't found exactly what im looking for, or the links are broken.So; 1 What do i need to do the conversion? 2 Please list all...
  2. NA Parts HKS Hypermax II... sigh

    For Sale or Trade
    PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING OR GIVE ME AN "OFFER" CURRENT BID Ok, I'm trying to gather funds by Feb 8th. My good friend since childhood is coming down from Japan after a 2 year leave. We planning to do it big and destroy Las Vegas!!! Haha Location: 91754, CA **Note, If not sold by...
  3. Rokkor install with a nasty surprise!

    So I bout some Rokkor coilovers for my NA. The second owner told me the first owner had cut the front springs. It was really crashy and low so I wanted to at least get it to stock height and decent comfort. On the Raceland site, it says that to keep the warranty you need a mechanic to install...
  4. 1991 Miata w/Hardtop $3500

    For Sale or Trade
    Are you looking for a cheap track car? Here is a white 5spd Miata with full spec miata suspension parts: SPEC MIATA SUSPENSION KIT FOR 1.6L. Kit includes: BILSTEIN SHOCKS (FRONT #0000-04-5225-BL FRONT, REAR #0000-04-5226-BL), EIBACH ERS 2.5' I.D. RACE SPRINGS (FRONT 700lbs/6'...