1. [WTB] NB2 Control Arm Set

    Roadster Wanted To Buy
    All, I'm looking to update bushings at all corners, and am willing to buy your set especially if you have relatively new bushings.
  2. Godspeed Mono SS Coilover review

    Here is my Review of the Godspeed Mono SS Coilovers for my 97 Miata. I got these second hand off a local for $550 which is the only reason I sprung for them. I used to have Ohlins DFV's on this car but picked up a 04 MSM and I have since then made that car the serious track car. Having swapped...
  3. What are the best stiff track coilovers?/Guide to coilovers

    I have spent a ton of time looking for coilovers and read countless thread but never found what I am looking for. I want some coilovers that will best perform on the track, I want the absolute best for the track, street comfort doesn't matter AT ALL, neither does noise. I have looked at the BC...
  4. Rebuilding of Marylin

    New Member Introductions
    What's going on guys, my name is Alex and im new to the forum. I own a Mazda Miata NA and recently got into an accident due to racing. I've been working on the car myself getting it prepped and ready for the mechanic shop and its finally there now. I cant wait to get the car back with its new...
  5. NA Parts Garage Cleanout (mostly oem 1.8 and some 1.6 stuff)

    For Sale or Trade
    Everything below is still available but Im going to add parts as I change more of the car. 95 metal door sills $30 + shipping OBO Flawless 95 steering wheel. $35 + shipping OBO (will not ship airbag) Im trying to make some room in the garage and I figured Id try to sell some of my spare...
  6. NB Parts WTB NB Top Hats & Rubbing Bushings

    Roadster Wanted To Buy
    WTB NB Top Hats & Rubbing Bushings that go above & below the top hat. Send me a price shipped to 78232 Thanks!
  7. Miata pulling to the right.

    Ok so i am having a problem with my miata. Ive aligned it three times because it has been pulling to the right. It started doing it when i had it on the oem suspension a couple weeks back. And i installed the coilovers last week and it still pulls the exact same way. I put it on the alignment...
  8. Coilover questions.

    Ok so im looking for a good suspension with good dampening adjustability. And also if i feel like laying frame for a meet, i could be able to do that. I was in between bc racing, stance gr+ or d2 coils. So who can let me know which of these wont really restrict me from going as low as i want...
  9. Upgraded shocks, not sure whats wrong now

    So this last weekend, I decided to try my part at replacing my front shocks. I got two street Konis to put on until I get coil-overs. I completed the job on Saturday. When I started to drive, I noticed huge issues with the alignment. My steering wheel is at about 2 o'clock when I am going...
  10. NA Parts NB Bilstein sport BNIB

    For Sale or Trade
    One (1) brand new NB Bilstein sport front shock. I am currently running these on my car and love them. I ended up with an extra front shock (long story). It's never been used and comes in the original box. It is missing the nut that goes on top, but I'll go buy a new one for you if you like...
  11. [NA & NB] Zerk fittings when installing poly bushings

    DIY and How-To Writeups
    Hi guys, I tried to find a dedicated thread about zerk installation on Miata arms, my search was unsuccessful. -If you know of a dedicated thread just drop the link here. If you already had a look, you probably found Emilio's page. I was not so happy about the location of zerks on rear arms...
  12. Flyin Miata rear shock mounts

    For Sale or Trade
    WTT/FS: Flyin Miata rear shock mounts Flyin Miata rear shock mounts $200 (includes shipping/Paypal) 10 mm: fits KYB AGX, KYB GR2, Tokico Illumina, Tokico HP and stock shocks. You know what they are & what they do, here's the condition: Aside from Paypal payments, I'd also love to...
  13. raceland coilovers for sale.

    For Sale or Trade
    yes i have a barely used set of Raceland coilovers. they have 156 miles and one event. in total it reads 173 miles since i installed them. i blew my motor at that event and currently want to sell them while they are still in great shape to fund my next motor. if i could i would keep these for a...
  14. fm stage 2.5 kit opinions?

    Does anyone use it? What are you opinions on it? Does it drop/lower the car moderately at all (I'm not looking to slam, but on my stock miata I can easily stick in 4 fingers lol)? I'm thinking between selecting coilovers or this kit in the new few months, and I'm trying to feel out for...