1. NA Vehicle Selling 1992 Miata with complete 99 1.8 drivetrain swap

    For Sale or Trade
    Selling a 1992 Mazda Miata with a complete 99 1.8 drivetrain swap. Location: Miami , 33013 *Canadian model(No A/C) *Hardtop *Miles: body 109k(174k Kilometers), engine 112k miles * 99 miata: 1.8 engine, 5 speed transmission and non lsd differential (flyingmiata swap kit) *timing belt, water pump...
  2. NA Miata Automatic to Manual Transmission Conversion

    Engine & Transmission
    I did a search and couldn't find a thread like this. So here we go... I've been shopping around for an NA for a while and I can't help but notice the amount of low-mileage automatic cars out there. Which got me thinking... What about buying an automatic and doing a conversion to stick? So...
  3. FM 1.6 to 1.8 swap kit

    Engine Swaps!
    If I have a full 1.8 motor, all necessary parts and connections, how necessary would it be for me to buy the FM 1.8 swap kit?
  4. 1990 1.8 swap and other bits

    Roadster Projects
    One day my uncle came home with a Miata, and I guess you could say it was love at first sight.:hello kitty: So I finally got one about 6 months ago 1990 with 135XXX miles. Came with: Racing Beat Dual exhaust KYB AGX Shocks Flying Miata frame rails Turn Signal intakes Everything else was...
  5. Swapping 1.8 but injectors are bad

    Engine Swaps!
    I just figured out that my 1.8 injectors are not working and and was wondering if its possible to use my injectors from my 1.6?
  6. Mia's Auto Blog

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  7. 91 manual trans into a 97 auto swap.

    Engine Swaps!
    Hey guys, will a 91 manual trans work on a 97 model? I'm thinking about getting a 97, but its auto and I already have a 91 miata trans laying around. Another thing is will the automatic ECU from the 97 still work with the manual trans and what things should I remove from the wiring harness?
  8. Bring on the Hate

    Roadster Projects
    Well here it is .. My 1990 Miata with the Nissan CA18DET swap in progress . I can feel the hate now ... lol . I looked on here way back when I first started to dream up this swap and all I found was negativity and Haters. But now that I have things rolling and noone can stop me, its time to show...
  9. i need help findng a spacific miata...please help.

    Engine & Transmission
    i saw the video on youtube of the rb25 miata. does anybody know this person or have any pictures or any info on this miata. i need to find out because i want to do that same to my miata. thank you