1. Jacker's 94' M Edition Formation

    Roadster Projects
    Evening CR! Been a lurker on here for a few years while I owned my last two Miatas and now I finally purchased another one. Everyone jokes "you'll be back" after you sell your Miata and its honestly so true. I'm sure plenty of you have owned multiple Miatas at this point haha. Hard to stay away...
  2. iTrack Motorsports Drift & Track

    Hows it going guys! Ive been a member here for a while, sometimes silent, but never absent. And we have been working on some awesome things for the southeast. Heres the scoop! My name is Derek Wise with iTrack Motorsports. We are a drift and track organization in the southeast. As you may know...
  3. Need Tires? Let PTS help you "Get a Grip"

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    If it's time to buy tires for your car, check out Whether you're looking for high performance summer tires for the street or you're tracking the car, PTS just might have the right tire! We carry Toyo Proxes RR, RA1, R888, & R1R as well as BFG g-Force Rival, Rival-S, R1,&...
  4. NA+NB Parts FS: Work Eqiup 01 15x7 +38 +35 socal

    For Sale or Trade
    REAL jdm Work Equip 01 fronts 15x7 +38 A-Disk rears 15x7 +35 O-Disk 4 x center caps NO VALVES mint condition fresh refinished faces new hardware FS $1500 OBO NOSHIPPING SOCAL
  5. NA+NB Parts enkei PF01 15x8+35

    For Sale or Trade
    4 15x8+35 PF01 matte black wheels are 12.8lbs 1 wheels has a small curb rash like 1/2" mark paint wear normal driving no bents no cracks no center caps socal $650 obo SOLD no shipping LOCAL PICK UP might be up for TRADE 15x7+35 no reps copies or low end brands ex: xxr srr rota.......
  6. Arca's R Package Racecar Build - ST5/TT5

    Roadster Projects
    So, the background story for this car and build starts about August 2012. I'll cover what's been done up to this point then go from there. I have a build thread on my other car and thought it would be nice to have one for the Miata as well. Anyways, I had been tracking my then daily driver...
  7. The long road from a "stanced" NA to a Track Car.

    Roadster Projects
    Recently I picked up a 1990 Mazda Miata 1.6l. It is currently stanced... But over the next few years I hope to transform it into a streetable track car. Below are some shots of how it sits today. I will post updates as I complete all my planned projects. The first line of business will be to...
  8. New Member, New Track Toy.

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I'm Nicolas, I've been on the forums a lot looking to get a track toy, and finally pulled the trigger on this '95!! First thing I think will be brakes, then 6uls and tires... and so on. I would really appreciate links to useful threads, or any good advice on this project!
  9. NA Parts FS HardDog Extreme RollBar

    For Sale or Trade
    SOLD - HardDog Extreme RollBar SOLD $280 - Picked up in South San Jose CA This is not a "style bar" and will both protect you in a roll over and stiffen your chassis! I picked this up a while ago of CL for my wife's car but never got around to installing it. We sold her car over Christmas...
  10. Miata Challenge 2011 – Round 11 @ Streets of Willow (11/6/2011)

    Just spreading the word about the upcoming miata challenge this Sunday 11/6/2011 at Streets of Willow. Speed Ventures Registration No additional cost on top of track day registration and timing. There's a class for everyone but I'm having trouble uploading the rules PDF. PM if interested in a...
  11. NA Vehicle 1990 Mazda Miata Autocross / Track Prepared in OC So Cal

    For Sale or Trade
    Have my 1990 Mazda Miata up for grabs. The tags are current and the title is clean. Adult owned. I've owned this car for a while and have built a solid autocross / track car out of it, while keeping it totally daily drivable. This car has quite a bit of tasteful upgrades suitable for...
  12. 1996 Montego Blue Boat!!

    Roadster Projects
    Hi everybody!!i just want to share my build thread for my 1996 montego blue miata that i just picked up for about a month,Some picture of the aka Boat! After the purchase of the car,i change the engine oil,using mobil high mileage 5w30 oil,change the spark plug(Denso) Some toys i picked...
  13. 1991 Miata w/Hardtop $3500

    For Sale or Trade
    Are you looking for a cheap track car? Here is a white 5spd Miata with full spec miata suspension parts: SPEC MIATA SUSPENSION KIT FOR 1.6L. Kit includes: BILSTEIN SHOCKS (FRONT #0000-04-5225-BL FRONT, REAR #0000-04-5226-BL), EIBACH ERS 2.5' I.D. RACE SPRINGS (FRONT 700lbs/6'...