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  1. Roadster Wanted To Buy
    Working on a Project and I am looking for a Dead / Shot / Bad 5spd NC Transmission. in WA State ( Not interested in a 6spd. ) Cheaper the Better, Only need it for mock up / measurements / cutting up. Does not need to function! Email works best, Thanks. rb26dett240sx {at} yahoo [.com]
  2. Engine & Transmission
    What's up CR, I just recently ran into these issues with my 90 NA after driving through a huge storm two days ago and perhaps hitting some standing water. My car is lowered and 5spd. Its got 170k miles on the body but I was told only 70k on the motor. It's been my daily for 4 months now and I...
  3. Engine & Transmission
    91 Miata 1.6L, No Mods, Oil seems Clean and Full, Was driving Fine, Now after I drive it Recsntly it Comes out of Gear Just like if it was on Neutral, I have to Shut it Down and Start the Car Again so the Gears can Come Work but then Go away Again after 3 mins, I'm thinking of adding a Trans...
  4. Engine & Transmission
    I did a search and couldn't find a thread like this. So here we go... I've been shopping around for an NA for a while and I can't help but notice the amount of low-mileage automatic cars out there. Which got me thinking... What about buying an automatic and doing a conversion to stick? So...
  5. General Automotive Chat
    Lately just been in some weird funk. After a few months of owning my manual NA I have stopped to think about getting more experienced in my shifting. At first it was mainly about being able to move the car from point A to point B & I succeeded. Now I'm constantly thinking about getting smoother...
  6. For Sale or Trade
    I have a 95 chassis on wheels along with a 5-speed transmission and a Torsen LSD rear diff. There's also a bunch of miscellaneous parts that I have, but too much to list. Chassis is clean and asking $400 5-speed transmission (50K miles) $250 Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch (10K miles) $100...
  7. Engine Swaps!
    Hey guys, will a 91 manual trans work on a 97 model? I'm thinking about getting a 97, but its auto and I already have a 91 miata trans laying around. Another thing is will the automatic ECU from the 97 still work with the manual trans and what things should I remove from the wiring harness?
  8. Engine & Transmission
    Okay, I've done a little research but I haven't found anything that solves this problem. Whenever I go to shift into third gear it will, if I don't shift slowly, grind. Just a bit, as it's going in. Fourth will sometimes do the same thing but only randomly and not nearly as loudly. So it...
1-8 of 8 Results