1. NC3 - Ultimate Street Car

    Roadster Projects
    I used to have an MSM. It was dope, but I couldn't get over how much the engine tune sucked. Before I could go full FM Hydra on it I got laid off and had to sell it. A few years later, I'm finally getting my **** together and building the car I wanted the MSM to be. I had a hundred pictures...
  2. NA Parts 92 Turbo Build Part Out

    For Sale or Trade
    I am parting out a turbocharged 92 NA (Base Model, No AC or Power Steering) with 198,876 chassis miles and a fresh built motor before loss of oil pressure and bad crankcase noises. Haven't confirmed what's wrong with the engine yet but I will salvage what I can out of it and offer up what's...
  3. NA Vehicle 91 Miata Boosted/Caged/full interior (Breakshift Miata)

    For Sale or Trade
    Asking $10,000 OBO. Located in Ocala, FL Email is the best way to get a hold of me- [email protected] cell phone just in case- 352-615-3340 This is my 91 Mazda Miata. I've had this car for almost 5 years now, with every mod intended to make this a purpose built drift car that can drive to the...
  4. NA+NB Parts Left Over Turbo Parts and Miscellaneous

    For Sale or Trade
    Parting out an unfinished 1994 Mazda Miata Turbo project. -Garrett gt2560r from a Flyin Miata II kit SOLD -3.9 Torsen LSD w/ 115k miles from a 1999 10AE and poly bushings ($500) -Ebay BOV *NEW* ($20) -Flyin' Miata II Turbo Heat Shield ($60) -White gauge cluster with red light bulbs...
  5. NA Parts Stripes intercooler and pipe kits

    For Sale or Trade
    Sold This is a used Stripes kit I picked up for my GReddy Turbo kit but never ended up using. My friend using the same intercooler, turbo kit and RX7 injectors was comfortably running about 250hp on the track at Thunderhill without overheating. He would have been making more if he got his...
  6. NA+NB Parts Turbosmart Boost Tee MBC - BNIB - $60 shipped

    For Sale or Trade
    Turbosmart Boost Tee manual boost controller Blue Brand new in box Fit's any turbo'd car. Turbo'd Miata, Subaru's, Supra's, 911 turbo, McLaren P1, Ford GT, your Group B rally car, Saab 900 etc etc etc $60 shipped
  7. VIDEO: Sonoma Drift Winter Jam 2015 - NA 5psi external wastegate with open dump

    Roadster Videos
    '95 Base 5psi external wastegate with open dump at Sonoma Drift Winter Jam
  8. Corey's NB Journal - グランド ロードスター

    Roadster Projects
    Hi guys, my name is Corey ]. When I was on the search for my real first car, I didn’t have any intention on getting a 2 seater roadster to drop the roof down on a Sunday and cruise through the countryside (although it is fun, it’s really not my thing) instead I was looking for a car with a...
  9. NA Vehicle [FS] or [FT]:1990 Mazda Miata turbo, koni, hardtop, harddog, mspnp, and more! [CT]

    For Sale or Trade
    Up for sale is a clean 1990 turbo miata. Runs very well, with a t3 setup I put together. Conservatively estimated @ ~190-200hp at 8psi. CONS: Paint isn't the best (pictures make it look better), small rust bubbles on the rear quarters (typical in new england). The paint cleans and buffs up...
  10. NA Parts FS: OEM Hardtop, Turbo Manifold (T3/T4, 1.6, w/ wastegate)

    For Sale or Trade
    Selling an OEM Hardtop, fits NA and NB models, glass with rear defroster, Classic Red with some blemishes, inside is mint, side and top latches: SOLD Turbo manifold, fits 1.6 motors, T3/T4, Tial 38mm wastegate included, surface rust and one bolt needs to be removed from the flange. - $300...
  11. WTB 1.6l turbo manifold

    Roadster Wanted To Buy
    Looking for a turbo manifold for my 1.6 that will let me keep my PS. It can be any style, any brand. I'm not too picky.
  12. NA Parts 295cc Injectors, 1.6 Ford Capri VC, Luggage Rack, GV Lip

    For Sale or Trade
    Selling some supra injectors I have laying around. Seem to be in working order, but I have not tested them, so they are as-is. I'd recommend replacing the lower o-rings (~$3) other than that they should be good to go. $30 shipped The far right injector seems to have a different lower o-ring...
  13. Mazdaspeed Turbo/Manifold

    For Sale or Trade
  14. Mrjreezy's Quest for Boost

    Roadster Projects
    A few months ago I picked up my first miata. A 93 1.6l. I really love the car so far, and its probably my favorite out of all the ones I've owned. I came from the world of awd dsms so performance is a big deal to me. Everyday I get in my car and I hate how its naturally aspirated. So I've...
  15. Eunos Roadster V-Spec Maruha 2.1L BUDDY's Build

    Roadster Projects
    So after a not so-responsive thread I decided I should start another one in the correct section of CR. If interested you guys can have a quick look on my previous thread here: I have a 1992 Eunos...
  16. Project-G Goes Forced Induction - KraftWerks Rotrex Kit

    Product Reviews
    Project-G goes Forced Induction. For the past couple of years now we have been kicking around the idea of going forced induction. Our immediate thoughts were to go with a turbo setup since that seems to be the default path. We explored the supercharger options available and stumbled upon a...
  17. NA Parts FS: turbosmart Rising rate fuel pressure regulator

    For Sale or Trade
    location north hollywood,ca up for sale is a pretty much brand new turbosmart rising rate fuel pressure regulator fpr800. 100firm picked up. perfect for going turbo on a budget. might be able to ship pm for details. thanks
  18. New guy from tallahassee florida

    New Member Introductions
    hello CR new guy here. always had a soft spot for miatas. been lurkin a while but just registered. bought a cressida with plans for a 2j swap but in the process got sidetracked with a sweet deal for my 92 turbo roadster. so much more fun IMO. so now im selling the cress and building this. with...
  19. CRASHED!!!

    Roadster Projects
    On June 14th 2012 i crashed my 93 miata. I flew it into a ditch while trying to avoid hitting a cat crossing the road. My brakes locked up and i glided across the asphalt and into a ditch. Because it is now not in MINT CONDITION anymore i figure i will make a project out of it and eventually...
  20. NA Parts Flyin Miata intercooler

    For Sale or Trade
    Would be a good intercooler for a budget build:hello kitty: