visor blanking plate

  1. !n-joy GROUP BUY!! “True Flat Black” Visor Blanking Plates (10 Sets Available)

    Here’s the deal. We have made ten (10) sets of “true flat black” visor blanking plates that were used to test a method of powdercoating batch orders. With that success, we now need to get rid of them and we are now passing the savings for those 10 sets. $12 per set for this limited run of 10...
  2. !n-joy NA & NB Visor Blanking Plates ($16 shipped)

    Did you ever get rid of your visors in your NA and NB Roadster and now have a gaping hole you can’t stand? Introducing !n-joy Visor Blanking Plates. Two ways to order, either: Visit and order straight from the website. Order through PM me (VagaXt) how many sets you...