1. How much are OEM wheels worth?

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    I just bought a 2004 Miata and am looking to buy new wheels for it. I'm wondering what you guys think my current OEM wheels are worth without tires? I plan on swapping the tires over to the new set up. I would've posted to the classified section, but I don't have access yet, so hopefully this is...
  2. Enkei 92 Wheel Thread

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    Post pics of your Roadster with Enkei 92s, I'm trying to decide if I want to get a set. Thanks!
  3. NC Parts Gold Tecnomagnesio Wheels - 17x8 & 17x9 - 5x114.3 - Made in Italy

    For Sale or Trade
    Here for sale a (rare?) set of gold Tecnomagnesio wheels, 5x114.3, HB 67.1, made in Italy. - Front: 17x8 ET45 - Rear: 17x9 ET42 This set has been recently fully refurbished and gold painted with original Tecnomagnesio sticker on the spoke. Center caps are included. Wheels are in perfect...
  4. Wheels

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    I have a 2000 Miata with Koni Str-T shocks and H&R springs, which lower it about an inch. I'm looking at Rota Grids right now but I've seen mixed reviews of them. Are Rotas any good and if you don't think so what wheels would you recommend for about $600 that won't rub/require any modifications...
  5. NA+NB Parts RS WATANABE 14's

    For Sale or Trade
    Like new , bought before I knew I will have another set. 14-6J OFFSET + 40 PCD100 Selling from Japan , postage by sea freight would be about $200 and the rims $650. PayPal would be a preferred method. If someone buys soon I will throw in a free item.
  6. What Are These Wheels?!?!? :O

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    Hey, I have been trying to figure out what the wheels that are on my car are. I bought the car with these wheels on it, and I have just bought new ones. I am trying to sell them but I have no clue what they are or what they are worth. Plz Thank you very much :D.
  7. NB Parts FS: Racing Hart Mazdaspeed Miata wheels 17x7 4x100 +45 in Diamond Bar, CA

    For Sale or Trade
    Best to get new tires. Normal wear, no major curb rashes, located in Diamond Bar. PM if interested $460
  8. NA Parts WTB 15" 4x100 Wheels

    Roadster Wanted To Buy
    Stockers, Rota's, something inexpensive with or without tires. Positive offset would be prime. Let me know what you have! Preferably in San Diego. Even better if North County!
  9. NA+NB Parts Parting out my track car (hardtop/C3m/Recaro/SM/1.8 stuff)

    For Sale or Trade
    Long story short - I'm taking a racing hiatus. I'll probably have another Miata in a year's time that will be build with NASA TT/PT in mind instead of this bastard child that doesn't fit well anywhere. Shell (Laguna blue, welded in 4pt rollbar, used to be a 6pt cage 14xxxxmi) $950.00 SOLD...
  10. NA+NB Parts OMG!!! Panasport G7-C8R 100 PCD, 15x8/15x7 Staggered Setup w/tires! Super Rare! $2400USD

    For Sale or Trade
    Panasport G7-C8R Staggered Setup, including nearly new tires! I bought these from my friend, Randy (PhatMiata) when he parted out his famous Roadster. You've probably seen pictures of these on his old car! They have not been mounted since and are spectacular! Includes nearly new Hankook...
  11. NA+NB Parts König ULTRA Racing Feather (Black) 16x7 (2) & 17x7 (2) w/ Brand New Tires

    For Sale or Trade
    For sale is a set of five month old König ULTRA Racing Feather (4x100) wheels finished in gloss black. Two of them are 16x7 +40, and two of them are 17x7 +40, for that "staggered" look with the smaller wheels in the front. Three of the wheels are in perfect condition, and one of the 16x7's has a...
  12. 15x9 Et0 on 225/50 falkens .. Flared?

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    So some months ago I bought a set of 15x8 et0 and was not satisfied at all! I want something more aggressive ! Mean looking !! I rock the Megan ez coilovers , now the thing is I have a set of 225/50/r15 sitting in my garage brand new and Im thinking of using it with 15x9 that I pretend to buy...
  13. NA+NB Parts FS: Work Eqiup 01 15x7 +38 +35 socal

    For Sale or Trade
    REAL jdm Work Equip 01 fronts 15x7 +38 A-Disk rears 15x7 +35 O-Disk 4 x center caps NO VALVES mint condition fresh refinished faces new hardware FS $1500 OBO NOSHIPPING SOCAL
  14. Mazdaspeed Wheels - Anyone recognise these?

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    Better pictures
  15. Mazdaspeed Wheels - Anyone recognise these?

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    I've had my Eunos for about 2 years now and it came with a set of daisies and these which came on the car when imported back in '99. They were in a sorry state so I refurbished them, found that they were originally gunmetal with a polished lip. Not split rim though. They are badged Mazdaspeed on...
  16. NA+NB Parts enkei PF01 15x8+35

    For Sale or Trade
    4 15x8+35 PF01 matte black wheels are 12.8lbs 1 wheels has a small curb rash like 1/2" mark paint wear normal driving no bents no cracks no center caps socal $650 obo SOLD no shipping LOCAL PICK UP might be up for TRADE 15x7+35 no reps copies or low end brands ex: xxr srr rota.......
  17. NB Parts Parting my 2000SE performance parts, Part 2.

    For Sale or Trade
    (1) Freedom Design Shock Brace. $100 new, yours for $50. SOLD (2) Mismatch set of SSR GT1. One was shattered by the impact. 16x7 +42, 15lbs, shod with 215-40/16 Eagle F1 GS-D3. Lots of tread left. Was $350 per corner new. $165 each or $450 for the set. Good for spares, or if you want to pick up...
  18. Rota Grid V

    Brakes, Wheels & Tires
    Hey I want some Rota Grid Vs for my 99 NB but I'm looking at 15x8s and i only see +0 offset. Im looking for +20. Does anyone know if they do offer this?
  19. New wheels for my '99 NB

    Hey guys. So spring is coming soon and I want to get new wheels and tires for my NB. Currently i have shitty 16" XXR wheels with even worse tires. I want to keep 16s but I'm still considering 6ULs. Let me know what you guys think for a 16" wheel and what the latest and greatest tire is in your...
  20. NB Parts Klutch Sl 15x8.5 +17 Polished for sale 195/45 Federal Tires

    For Sale or Trade
    Wheels are for sale! I've had them on for about 2 weeks, looking for a wider setup. Looking for $830 with tires. $600 without tires Tires are brand new as well as the wheels. Not looking for any trades. Cash only thanks. No curbs or scratches.