window ii: the shuttering

  1. 99 10ae full exterior/shell

    How much is my car/stuff worth?
    So I just put down my deposit for a Exocet kit today and Im just wondering how much my 10ae shell would go for. So pretty much full exterior (doors, fenders, hood, trunk, head lights, tail lights, front and rear bumper, sideskirts, lip, mirrors), no interior or drivetrain. Do y'all think I...
  2. Almost turbo NB6C

    Roadster Projects
    Back in the saddle with an NB this time with some slight rust issues. Got it off a friend for cheap earlier on this year and I've taken it down to a bare shell to sort out all the rust and seam weld all the things. It wont be quite daily status when it's back together since the AC has been...
  3. Woozle1's Albino 93' Project... Aka " My triumphant return" to Mazda

    Roadster Projects
    Just purchased my second Miata and 10th car. It's a completly stock 1993 1.6l. My plans for this car is I want a competitive Auto-X car that I can do various other track events and also drive it on the street as a summer/ weekend type car. My other car is a Honda Accord 2.4l, so this will allow...
  4. Hot Wheels/Die-cast Thread

    Pub Roadster
    Given the interest that some of the members on here have, I figured this thread should exist. This thread is for the discussion of customizing, collecting, and owning Hot Wheels and the like. Weak opening post, but today I stopped by Toys R Us, Target, and K Mart and got deez: Untitled by...
  5. NA+NB Parts Grasp my Personal Wood in your hands

    For Sale or Trade
    Next up is another wheel I really really love, but have to let go of. It's a 1979 Personal Wood Grain Steering wheel. It has one hairline crack on the bottom of the center spoke, but it does not affect the wheel structurally in any way. No horn button included. Also, I had this one counter-sunk...
  6. How I modified my Miata

    Roadster Projects
    Decided to finally start a modification thread on here. I don't post this stuff many places but since I am now here quite a bit I figured why not share? I came about my gearhead status a little later than some do. Not quite sure what caused it. I did help my dad work on cars when I was...
  7. My 1993 financial mistake.

    Roadster Projects
    Hello everyone. My name is Seth, and in April of 2014 I began what is now I call a "financial mistake" but you can't take it with you right? Anyway, I bought a 1993 miata LE with 152,xxx on the clock. Multiple previous owners, R title, BUT the motor and drivetrain were strong. The body on the...
  8. Joey's Cookie Cutter Build

    Roadster Projects
    Joey's loooong road to a track car build What's up guys, I am fairly new here and wanted to start a thread mostly just to track my sure to be slow build. Im from the Philly area and am a full time student so blah blah its gonna be a slow processes. Sorry if this is kind of messy looking and...
  9. Post your Merlot 95 M-edition Miata/Roadster/MX-5 .

    Roadster Special & Limited Editions
    Post pics of your Merlot color M-edition Miatas.... I'm doing this because I don't see to many Merlot's on the road and be nice to see what other people do with them... Start off with me!