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  1. Suspension
    After years of crap suspension, I've finally bought a set of XIDA Gen 2 700/400! :phillyb: What ride height should I start with? Use: 90% Street, 10% Track.
  2. IRTB (Individual Runner Throttle Bodies)
    This is a raggedy little NA6 we had previously set up for training in our SuperMiata race series with a 145whp NB2 engine. We call it the Taxi because its purpose in life is to give people rides. We had this 2.0L 13.0:1 Whammy sitting in the back of our shop for two years so I had the silly idea...
  3. Roadster Projects
    CAD renders of the ND we're building with Mazda. It'll be a track rat that we'll give rides in. It's our primary parts development car so it'll be a bit different every time we take it out. Roll bar is just teh concept drawing. Blackbird Fabworx will build the actual bar for soft top delete...
  4. Roadster Projects
    Our SuperMiata street project car, my daily driver. The goal was to take our completely stock, high mileage and rough looking 95 R package into a clean daily driver that should pass emissions testing in every state. The car will be autocrossed and used for HPDE (Miata Challenge) now and...
1-4 of 4 Results