♥♥ I Wouldn't Call it a Build Thread...Robertw's Drift Car ♥♥

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This is where I will be documenting things that happen to the car, and maybe other things, idk

Here she is in all her stock glory, picked up this beauty back in Nov. 2011. It's a 96 with 120,000 on the odo, and came with thoses fiiiiine Enkei Whatevers.

I got a dog as well

In typical clubroadster fashion I picked up a set of racelands, xxr's, cheapo falkens, and isc top hats for the rear.

Tires 195/50/15

Some goodies

Test fit 15x8 et 0 (I stuck to the clubrodster manual with this setup, standard issue)

Massaging (I had algea issues, you wanna fight about it?)

Next was a r-speed front lip, stupid hat included. (Dragula, and redfred18t cameos)

Did that for a while

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This is the GoPro dog, right??

Big fan!
Not a fan of Ricelands, however the car looks great, man. And that's an awesome little dog (and even more awesome sticker) ya got there.
The following year I ordered these, 15x9 et-15

Also these AK v1 carbon.



195/50/15 falken 512 on a 15x9

Ichiba hubcentric bolt on spacers, 10mm up front, 17mm in the rear

Nardi 350mm deep corn

Also got new fenders, a hood, and a bumper cover. They were already painted black, and a good price.

So I ran the car like that for the season, also built a shed to store the car
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****. Didn't know you had a Miata... Stalking you = wiener dog owner...
Hahahaha GoPro Dog
I also have a black miata and weiner dogs. Twins.

Car looks good so far.

Clearing a path, had a lot of work planned for the car this year.

Ordered Work Meister S1's in late 2012, took about three months to come on, I think they were delivered sometime in January 2013.

A glorious day it was.

More Falken 512's.

Bought these off someone on the here, Megan Streets.

Went to the Kaizen Tuning open house and grabbed these

Tires mounted.
Wheels 15x10 et 0
Tires 205/50/15

I wasn't the only one to get Works this year, group buy:bouncin:. Left to right, Me, Dragula, RedFred18t.
The Three Meistertiers (1 of 1) by superkamikazee, on Flickr

The three Meistertiers 2 (1 of 1) by superkamikazee, on Flickr

lined up (1 of 1) by superkamikazee, on Flickr

damn corrola (1 of 1) by superkamikazee, on Flickr

Rolling (1 of 1) by superkamikazee, on Flickr

Final specs
Fronts 15x10 et 0 (-10 w/spacers)
Rears 15x10 et 0 (-25 w/spacers
miata2013 poke (1 of 1) by superkamikazee, on Flickr
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Needed bass, this.

Mock up pic, I never took a photo once I finished the install, but whatever you get the idea. It's like this but with less droopiness.


Got those in (also got factory miata floor mats lol) and went to Staggered.
i didnt take this by superkamikazee, on Flickr
not min by superkamikazee, on Flickr
no by superkamikazee, on Flickr

Happy Meal



More things, got the diff welded

Dead dinosaurs

New axle seals for the diff

Also replaced all the boots for the shifter.
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Bought seats

A local practice spot

Got confident a week before my first event, don't get cocky people XD

Sick toe

Replaced both the upper / lower arms, and spindle. Also got the wheel straightened, ordered a new Meister, and new flare.

Everything was in order and loaded the car up for my first event.

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Had Danny Georges tie rod spacers in for the first event, power steering wasn't happy, boiled over. Got ready for the second event with a ps cooler.

Golden Nozzle by superkamikazee, on Flickr

Next event

I slide by @ 0:17, and some nice butt at 4:32.

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Got the body work done, just in time for the next Lock City event (Beat the Heat)

And a fart can


Forgot to bring the GoPro to this event.
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Hood rat by superkamikazee, on Flickr

No Loud Music by superkamikazee, on Flickr

Schmeister by superkamikazee, on Flickr

Went to a local show my buddies put on in September every year, Fieldwerks 2013.
Cool Kids by superkamikazee, on Flickr

GangLife by superkamikazee, on Flickr

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Next up was H2oi 2013.

Bright and early.

The real JDM, rest stop photoshoot.

Made it

On the drive back I lost clutch pedal pressure, had to pump the clutch for 9hrs. Replaced the the master, slave, and put a braided steel line in when I got back.

My replacement Meister came in not long after I got back from H2o
Finally in by superkamikazee, on Flickr
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Shortly after getting the clutch sorted, it was time for another Lock City event at Limerock Park (Driftober). Dragula lent me his foxy body wheels with some adapters so I could burn some 15" tires I had.

This was a really fun event for me

IMG_1274 by AVIDWORKS, on Flickr

Next was Staggered's fall show 2013. Redfred18t's mariner again :bouncin:
IMG_1442 copy by AVIDWORKS, on Flickr
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Robert, you "da" ****...and your hotdawg too
The fall is really nice in this area so my buddy Adam (AVIDWORKS) took some photos of the car in a few spots I like to check out.
IMG_1640 by AVIDWORKS, on Flickr

IMG_1732 by AVIDWORKS, on Flickr

LIPS by AVIDWORKS, on Flickr

IMG_1737 by AVIDWORKS, on Flickr

WILD by AVIDWORKS, on Flickr

IMG_1595 by AVIDWORKS, on Flickr
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