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Had an off at the last drift event, I'll post the video up, and hit a plastic water filled barrier. Passenger side front took the hit, and this is the second time that sides taken a hit. First time was into a car, and I hammered out the apron damage and kept driving for 2-3 years.

Damage from the plastic barrier.

Polished out pretty well all things considered.

This is the cumulative damage from the two track accidents.

Prepped for a frame shop visit.

On the way to the shop.

Back from the frame shop. Looks really decent after 2 wrecks. Passenger side frame rail was bent up a little, the apron needed massaging to get the wrinkles and folds out, pulling, but the strut towers never moved from the hits. So all in all, not bad.

Few more odd's and ends to finish putting it back together, install a new to me axle, and a new upper radiator hose.
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