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So I sold my '95 Montego Blue Miata and stepped up so I'm gonna let that thread simply die and begin a new build thread.

I like to ask a lot of questions. I like to do just as many little mods as big mods. So I decided to create a centralized thread to complain, ask stupid questions, brag, boast and document my time with my SE so I can always look back.

Well here she is the day I brought her home, April 7th, 2012.

# 49,548 miles
# Bone stock with full service records
# Small Appearance Package (hate all that nasty tupperware)

Onto my build plan. None of this is ordered in any specific way - simply my thought thrown in a list.

# Clear side markers
# Tow Hooks Black (Still on the look out | recommendations being accepted)
# RS Factory front lip painted Titanium Grey
# Painting Headlight housings Titanium Grey to match exterior (and possibly subtly smoking them - but undecided)
# Upgrading Headlight assembly to HID's from The Retrofit Source
# Upgrading Fog Lights to 3000K lighting (Unsure how to do this yet)
# Relocating License plate to either mouth, or grabbing a Garage Starr License Plate Bracket
# Shorty Antenna - Looking into one from LoCustom or GoMiata. Don't know much but from what I've read there is no way to get an S2000 antenna to sit flush?? Has anyone successfully done this?

# Painting titanium pieces Titanium Grey to match exterior
# Purchase a new rear carpet and make clean cuts for my HDHCDDM2 Roll Bar - SELL ME YOUR CLEAN CARPET FOR CHEAP!
# New Gauge Faces by Rev
# Custom color gauges (Most likely white with blue needles) Anybody change the lighting on the stock Bose and HVAC controls?
# Custom interior lighting (Ignition Keyhole light and near window switches)
# Fix my Cup Holder to actually spring back.
# Shifter Boot/E-Brake Boot by redline
# Flyin' Miata Clutch Switch Override
# Adding either the Grom Audio Adapter for iPod hookup (and AUX cable) or going with the origiunal OEM iPod hookup for the Bose stereo but I'm afraid this doesn't support AUX cable….Right?
# Order new set of '02 SE Floor Mats since my driver's side has a hole in it. ORDERED + SHIPPED + INSTALLED

# Tein Flex's
# Either Black, Hyper Black or Dark Grey Wheels - I'd love suggestions, either 15's or 16's
# Uncertain on tires right now
# Flying Miata Frame Rails

While on this subject do you guys have any recommendations for basic maintenance while installing my coil overs? (will be ordered by the end of next month) While I have the car up and being worked on not sure if there are suggestive items to take care of.

# I'll simply do normal and scheduled maintenance until TURBO time next year.

This will continue to be updated as I think of things to do. I'm stoked to get things rolling.

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The only updates I have so far.

Drove 1.5 hours with the roll bars in my passenger seat to install them...SUCKED

Here's a quick finished project as well:

And here are my sexy new floor mats. Apparently I got one of the last brand new pairs you can ever get. SWEEEET. Thanks Rosenthal MAZDA!

I'll finally get some good pictures in the upcoming week as I've ordered all the car care products to properly detail her!
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