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Hi this is my '04 Mazdaspeed. It was involved in a medium speed deer strike that tweaked the bumper, upper plate, and hood. The radiator cap was knocked ajar and spilled coolant everywhere. It never overheated. I topped it off and it holds pressure fine. I replaced the windshield. I have a replacement hood and plate, would need some love on the bumper (perhaps plastic welding or a new one altogether). It's split along a seam on top. Previous owner says the engine was refreshed with a 50k mile engine. I have no docs to prove it. (Ignore flat tire in some pics, that's been addressed)

212k miles on the clock, no rust on the car. I'm thinkin $8,000?


  • Some basic maintenance done (brakes bled, clutch slave/master cylinders replaced, oil change)
  • solid drivetrain all around. No grinds into gear, diff locks properly, engine pulls strongly
  • Newer tires (Continental ExtremeContact sport)
  • Vmaxx coilovers
  • Flyin Miata happy meal
  • Flyin Miata little enchilada
  • no rust

Not good/needs attention:

  • Needs a new radiator. It doesn't leak or overheat but it is rusty inside.
  • Questionable quick bumper release
  • Needs all underpanels--fender liners, under engine tray
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