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I figured we best share these with you guys also, we had a handful of clubroadster members in attendance.

NAautoxer said:
i just wanted to say thank you very much for everyone coming out. i had a great time, and so did my wife.

although getting up at 7:00 is early on a saturday, i'd do it again! it was definately fun with the people in attendence, and special thanks goes out to:

-Lars, aka Shuiend: thanks for installing my max5's
-Sheridon (my wife knows' your real name but she's sleeping): thanks for breaking my zipper on my headrest, but then getting it open!
-quay-ryan aka Zac: thanks for pointing out that i didn't have the right socket for the diff drain bolt, but i found one and helping me find my fill bolt on the trans.
boogie-van aka Matt: thanks for the food man! and the grilling! you rock!

anyways, thanks to all the others who came out, though, too. it really made this get-together great!

and to se7en, matt, and Sheridon+wife, ( like i said, my wife is still asleep), thanks for going to dinner with us! it was a fun time!

hope everyone had a good time. i'm installing the rear discs on my civic on the 27-28 haven't decided yet what day, but i'll keep you all informed.

as for my install list of what i got done:
max5 speakers
oil change
trans change
diff change
hardtop side-strikers
"lubed" my door/trunk/top rubber seals with silicone
ate hot dog.

what i completely forgot about until i drove my car:
that squeeky belt i was going to tighten!! argh!!!

pictures from rev2red:

pictures from Hugh

pictures from me![email protected]/

there is photos.. don't know why it uploaded them in reverse order, but i really don't care!

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aww poo... howd i miss this?! ;oP

looked like a cozy bunch!!

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Yes, you took lots of pics of my car. Im flattered. Im gonna download them and play aruond with some of them in photoshop tonight.

Thanks again for your wife being able to fit through the rollbar. It made the easy top swap even easier :)

It was cool to see your civic in person, pics dont really do it justice. Its rare to see one of that vintage so clean. Power bulge ftw!

Oh yeah, also afterwards 6 of us went out and got sushi for dinner. Solid.
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